Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Marching Orders - Sept 10th & 11th

After Chris came to visit Cameron in the morning on Monday, Cam's mom stopped up to be with him during the day. Much to Jane and Cam's surprise, Aunt Joyce stopped up for an unexpected (but much appreciated) visit. Of course they had to look at the now famous photo album again (Cam definitely knows all of his cousins by picture/caption by now).

When Chris and Jane stopped back up in the evening they were surprised to see Cameron had received his 'green card'....or his 'marching orders'. This is a check sheet of some of the required items that need to be done before he can leave the hospital. As you can see from his check list, he has met most of the requirements already. The biggest one yet to be accomplished is to bottle all of his feedings.

On Tuesday, Cameron bottled a portion of his feedings for his Dad but was too tired to drink the whole thing. Dad took the day off to spend more time with Cam and Jane.

After spending the day at the hospital, Chris and Jane decided that the needed to invest in a deep freezer to store the 100,000 bottles (more like 150+ bottles) of milk that have taken over their freezer (and the freezers of our neighbors too).

Then in the evening, Jane went back up to see Cam and Joanne met her there. It was an exciting night as Cameron breast feed for 10 minutes and then drank 30 ml from a bottle (nice job buddy!). Many thanks to Joanne for hanging out with Jane and Cam!!!

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