Sunday, March 27, 2011

Activities & Air Drums - Week of Mar. 21st

While Cameron was fighting off a cold this week, nanny Lisa, decided that some wonderful cooking and baking may help ward off the germs. Just look at this delicious dessert she made for the family!

In the meantime, Chris & Jane were attempting to come up with new ideas for playtime and learning. A trip over to the local Target produced a Cam activity table. The table included two chairs, so a buddy can join in the fun as well. This area gives Cameron a place to sit and play with toys, color with markers and crayons and look at books. He also enjoyed working on some flash cards with his parents.

By far, one of most fabulous additions to the toy collection was found on clearance at ToysRUs. Who knew that one could purchase an air drum set? Cam certainly liked the idea of waving his drum stick in the air and making it sound as if he was playing a snare drum! His parents definitely like the idea of a $10 drum set that includes volume control and an on/off button!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

New Rides & Rainboots- Week of Mar. 14th

A week filled with lots of rain coupled with some sunny days signals that spring must be near.
To gear up, Cameron had fun trying on Jane's rainboots. Even though Cam's Mom doesn't have very big feet, her boots were just a little too big.

Luckily, Cam isn't too big for the ride he found at ToysRUs! You can imagine his excitement when his favorite character, Elmo, was on a motorized contraption. We're not sure if Cam had more fun on the ride or looking at the big Elmo the entire time.

One thing is for certain, Cameron asked for "more" as soon as the ride was over. The two quarters spent made for one very happy boy.

Cam's happiness is also easy to spot when his neighbor buddy, Emma, comes over to play.
Sometimes, it seems that Cameron thinks Emma is the only person in the room.
Yes, spring is in the air...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Arts, Crafts, and Laughs - Week of Mar. 7th

Even though school is a place for learning, it is also a place to enjoy the arts. Cameron's school hosted an Arts evening complete with pottery, painting, music and puppetry.
Working with the clay was a favorite and then painting that clay was even better!

Miss Sara, Cam's teacher, attended the event to greet and lend assistance and it's easy to see why Cam enjoys her classroom so much.

In the music room, there were drums and instruments everywhere. Even though the room itself was quite noisy, the drums were a very big hit. Cameron and his classmate, Liam, had a great time with the drumsticks and big drums.
And a smaller set, complete with drums, triangle, maracas and cymbals captivated the big boy.

Also captivating Cam's attention was cousin Coco's and her best friend, Shelby. He had such a good time playing with the girls and he certainly enjoyed some sweet kisses.

Rounding out the weekend included a haircut and a trip to McDonald's for a happy meal. Cameron's favorite, the delicious chocolate shake, disappeared in no time.

The happy meal prize was a toy superman. Chris & Jane know that Cam is definitely a Super Boy!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Buddies & Books - Week of Feb. 28th

The interest in certain toys may come and go, but the love of books is something that Cameron has always had. One of his favorites is a very large Disney collection (from the Cronk family!) containing all of the classic movies in storybook form. Cam thinks that some pages are definitely funnier than others. From books to buddies, the week contained some fun-filled playdates. Cam's neighbor, Emma and her sisters stopped over to play games and entertain their buddy. It's easy to see why he likes to hang out with the girls. When Emma comes over, she now indicates that she is there to "Cam-sit" which means that Cameron has the opportunity to play, giggle, and continuously say "more" when Emma does something funny, which is quite often! Will and Cam's godmother, Auntie Jo had a playdate Friday afternoon at the Weatherford household. It seems that Will and Cameron have taken a keen interest in imitating each other. The evening activities included each of them removing as many kleenexes as they could, because apparently, it is very amusing. They also watched part of a movie and dined on some delicious Culver's food and ice cream! Chris & Jane did a little shoe shopping over the weekend and Cam couldn't resist trying on his Dad's shoes. Although Cam's feet are pretty big, he definitely won't be fitting in his Daddy's shoes anytime soon...