Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas - Week of Dec. 22nd

Christmas week finally arrived! Cameron was very good this year as evident by a visit from Santa. The massive amounts of Michigan snow derailed a few shopping plans for Chris and Jane, but everything worked out.

On Christmas eve, Cameron and his parents spent a quiet evening together.
Jane finally let Chris & Cam open
1 present before going to bed...

Christmas Day was lots of fun for the family.
Cameron very much enjoyed ripping paper and pulling ribbons.
He was so caught up in the excitement, he almost forgot to take a nap!

Grandma & Grandpa Miller and Aunt Tracy all had a good time watching Cam explore his new toys and books.
On Friday, the family traveled north for the Jellema family Christmas party where Santa actually made an appearance! Cam was a little unsure of the long white beard at first, but he eventually decided that Santa was a pretty funny guy.

Cam saw many of his cousins, Aunts and Uncles and even had special story time with Uncle Joe.
Saturday evening included a very special visit from 'big Sis' Lauren and her older brother, Brandon. They had a great time catching and watching Cameron 'give kisses.'

Sunday was another special day as the family enjoyed visiting with 'Auntie' Amanda! Amanda will be Cam's eye doctor when he's older.
It was quite a busy week, but so special for Chris, Jane and Cameron as they celebrated Cam's 2nd Christmas with lots of family and close friends. Hope you all had a great Christmas holiday!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Lots of Snow - Week of Dec. 15th

Christmas is just around the corner and the week started off with Chris bringing home the biggest poinsettia that Jane & Cameron had ever seen!
As you can see, it's actually taller than Cam!

Towers are still a big hit for playtime and Chris now has a goal of seeing how big of a tower he can build for Cameron- this was definitely one of his favorites!

Cameron's newest fav is "giving kisses"- when you say "give kisses" he happily performs a perfect kissing for an upcoming video!

It was such a snowy week that Grandma stayed with the family both Thursday and Friday night. Cam was definitely happy about it! Chris and Jane had a chance to get some Christmas shopping done Friday night- thanks again Grandma!

Saturday evening was the Weatherford family Christmas photo shoot- yes, a little late, but thank goodness for same-day photo cards at Walgreens.

Please travel safely in snowy Michigan and wherever your travels may take you this holiday season.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pretty Tree - Week of Dec. 8th

It was a big treat for Cameron this week to have his Grandma stay with him for 2 nights and 3 days to take care of her grandson! They had such a good time playing with the "animal train," reading books, making towers, and just hanging out. Stella is not too sure at all about that moving animal train!

On Thursday & Friday, Cam spent time with Aunt Joyce and Uncle Joe. Cam had a great time taking walks both days and with that fresh air, he took some great naps!

Now that the Christmas tree is all decorated, Cameron loves to look at the lights and touch some of the ornaments. Stella is most content staying underneath the tree. Chris & Jane are convinced she thinks she is camoflauged there and no one can see her. Cam, however, wants to see what's so special under that tree!

It's hard to believe that Christmas is right around the corner....time to go wrap some presents!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Whao Horse - Week of Dec. 1st

Cameron's newest adventure was sitting on his special rocking horse! The Ringler family gave it to him for his birthday and he wasn't quite big enough to sit on it. Now, he's big enough and just needs a little assistance.

Monday was Grandma's birthday (Happy 29+ Bday Grandma!) and Cameron couldn't wait to see her on Tuesday. They had a great time playing together all day.
On Wednesday, Aunt Joyce came into town to hang out with her great nephew, Cam, and she loved reading with him and practicing his sitting up. She kept telling him how smart he looks with his cool glasses. We know Cameron missed his nanny, Anne, though, so we hope to see her again next week- get better soon!

A new game in the Weatherford household is "Tower Knockdown!" Cam and Chris love to play because Chris does the best tower-falling sound effects. The game consists of Chris building a tower and Cam's job is to knock it down. It's difficult to know who enjoys this game more- Cameron or Chris...

On Saturday, Chris & Jane attended Chris' holiday work party held at the Van Andel Museum. Cam stayed with a new babysitter, Andrea. She is a third year PT student at GVSU. Cameron really likes her and he went to bed for her without any problems at all! Way to go, Cam and many thanks to Andrea.
However, Stella the cat, seems to be protecting Cam these days when Chris & Jane are away. She watches the babysitter's every move and has actually hissed a few times. Although it's very admirable of Stella to watch over her Cam, we certainly hope it doesn't start deterring any babysitters...
Have a great week everyone!