Sunday, July 26, 2009

First Word? - Week of July 20th

Newsflash...Cameron said the word "Ma-Mom" twice on Friday! Chris and Jane both heard it very clearly and Grandma had heard it earlier in the day- way to go Cam!! Of course, there has now been quite a bit of time spent repeating the word "Da-Dad."

What a fun week- Chris has been diligently working on deck building and Cam has been taking in all of the activity.

When Grandma came into watch Cameron, she and Cam ended up being color-coordinated that day!
Grandma even played some songs on the new piano and Jane & Grandma sang to Cam.

A new activity for the big boy is to kneel in front of a cushion for playtime. He seems to enjoy it and Annie joined in the fun. Cam and his shoes are definitely getting a good workout being in the walker every day.
Over the weekend, Cam hung out with his cousins and had a little beach time on Sunday watching Chris play some beach volleyball. He can't wait to join in the game!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sick Again - Week of July 13th

It was a tough week for Cam as he battled a nasty cold, complete with sneezing, coughing, runny nose, and for some reason- lack of sleep!

Despite all of the sickness, though, he still managed to make the best of it...

Before he was became ill, Mandy from Design 1, did a great job cutting Cameron's hair, even though he was pretty squirmy in that chair. He just had to see what Mandy's scissors were doing all of the time.

On Friday, Cam started to feel better and walked in his walker back and forth on the driveway with Grandma three separate times- way to go!

The weekend included a family visit to celebrate cousin Steff's birthday and Chris' with yummy cake and ice cream. Cameron certainly does like a bit of tasty cake and was thankful that his Dad decided to part with a bit of his own.
A special birthday wish to Cam's godmother, Joanne, who celebrated her bday on Monday!
By Sunday, Cameron finally settled back in to his regular sleeping routine, taking a long afternoon nap and resting peacefully through the night...sweet dreams everyone...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy BDay Dad - Week of July 6th

A big Happy Bday to Chris who celebrated his birthday on Friday this week! Cam was very excited to cheer his Dad on for his special day.

This week, Cam tried yummy Jet's pizza and loved it- how could he not? And he likes to imitate the "blowing" sound made to cool off food before he eats it.

Jane & Cameron headed up to the family cottage for the weekend, while Chris had a boys' weekend with friends.

As always, the family cottage area was filled with activities.

Cam spent some time with lots of his cousins and played on the beach again.

'Auntie' Meg expertly taught Cameron how to pour water on his mom and place cold, wet sand on her leg!

This time he didn't eat quite as much sand, since it appears he may have decided that although the crunching sound is fun, sand definitely lacks some flavor.
At the end of Cam's beach time, it appeared to Grandma and Jane that Cam had a good part of the beach stuck to his body- it's a good thing the boy loves to take baths!

What a beautiful summer Michigan weekend...

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Eating Sand - Week of June 29th

This week began with Anne and Cam having a good time after working diligently on Cameron's walking!

Like most weeks, the big boy had some new experiences captured in photos...

Since Chris and Jane both had Friday off, the family ventured up to the cottage where the weekend forecast looked very promising.

'Auntie' Amanda and Datus joined us for a weekend filled with good food, good times and fun in the sun.

Cameron had spent some time on the beach last summer and a little bit earlier this summer, but hadn't quite gotten into the whole idea of how much fun sand is... or apparently, how good it tastes.

What you cannot see here (but can definitely imagine) is the gritting noise that all of the sand made in Cam's mouth!
The best part was... he loved it! Laughed and smiled the entire time.

Although the water was too chilly for Cameron to swim, that didn't stop Chris and Datus from testing it out with a quick dive.
Cam's reaction after having his toes dipped into Lake Michigan definitely indicated he's willing to wait for warmer water.
Cameron heard some fireworks over the weekend, but they didn't seem to bother him and they didn't wake him up- yeah!!
Hope everyone had a Great 4th of July weekend!!