Sunday, April 26, 2009

Park - Week of Apr. 20th

It was quite a busy week for the Weatherfords and everyone was anticipating the weekend... with the beautiful weather on Friday, Cameron had a walk in Ada Park with Grandma and Jane. Cam was so excited to be in bare feet and feel the grass under his toes. He's much more vocal now, trying new sounds and calling out to be sure that everyone's paying attention.

Saturday was the family's first spring trip up to the cottage. They stopped in at Grandma's to pick up some furniture where Cam experienced his first 'unofficial' piano lesson from Grandma! He definitely seemed to enjoy the ivory keys and had a fun time practicing.

Although the day was rather wet and dreary, Cameron brightened it up by visiting with Annie and his favorite Aunts and Uncles. He kept them all very entertained for quite some time and put on quite a show! They were so enthralled that everyone forgot to take pictures.

Rest and relaxation were on the agenda for Sunday and Cam had a fun visit with one of the neighborhood kids.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cautious Stella - Week of Apr. 13th

It seemed like a long week for Jane & Cameron- this was the first time since Cam was born that Chris was out of town for 5 days due to work. It is debatable who missed Chris more!

Cameron helped Jane make a special sign and they had balloons waiting when Chris arrived home Friday night. Cam was very happy to see his Dad!!
Cameron kept very busy during the week though- playing with Annie and Grandma during the day and spending quality time with Jane in the evenings. He went for two walks on Friday- one was all the way to the family's favorite ice cream place.
The weekend included lots of quality time with both Chris and Jane and the entire family enjoyed the beautiful weather on Saturday.

Cameron is definitely attempting to win over Stella these days. Due to the fact that he hasn't grabbed "too much" of her hair, she is still content to be patient with him.
Chris and Jane sometimes think that Stella believes she is Cam's assigned protector. Whatever the case, the two of them do play nicely together... at least for now:)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter - Week of Apr. 6th

Happy Easter everyone!!

Jane's family drove in today and went to brunch with Cam, Chris and Jane at the Spinnaker restaurant. The food was tasty, the company was great and the Easter Bunny even made an appearance.

This was Cam's first exposure to the big white rabbit, so Chris and Jane were unsure how he would react. Apparently, an oversized rabbit with a somewhat creepy smile was ok with Cam.

The rest of the week included more fun moments for Cameron as well...

A walk in Ada Park with Annie & Jane complete with a quick trip to the ice cream shop afterwards- yummy!

Jane's new favorite outfit on Cam that reads "property of mom..forever."

And, of course, what week would not be complete without some horsing around with Chris!!

Hope all of you were surrounded by family and friends on this holiday...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Fredrick Meijer Garden Visit - Week of Mar. 30th

It seems that almost every week brings a new experience for Cameron.

And on Sunday, he had his first trip to Frederick Meijer Gardens to see the butterflies!

It was a special treat because his cousins, Harper & Maya, their parents, Lisa and Dirk, Aunt Joyce, Aunt Gay and Aunt Betsy all met Cam and Jane there. They enjoyed walking through the cactus gardens and the rainforest/butterfly area where they all tried to spy as many butterflies as they could. After butterfly viewing, the entire gang, along with Chris, enjoyed a delicious breakfast at Sundance.

Saturday included a fun visit with Brandon and the family was so happy to see him!
Cam brought home a little souvenir from the butterfly exhibit... although we didn't know that butterflies were that tasty!