Sunday, January 25, 2009

Oreos! - Week of Jan. 19th

The Weatherford household was full of activity this week! Cameron had fun hanging out with his nanny, Anne, and trying some new foods. His latest favs include grilled cheese, fish sticks, and mini oreos. You can see from this picture what tops that list!

Chris & Jane had a few nights out, enjoying a movie and 'errand night'. Cameron was such a good boy for his babysitters, Andrea & Kate. Although he protests a little bit when his parents leave, he definitely has a great time playing with the girls.

Grandma offered to babysit on Thursday evening while Chris & Jane went to see a pro volleyball tournament with their good friends, Dave & Lisa. Of course, Cam loved spending extra time with Grandma. Thanks again!

Due to the chilly weather, it was an uneventful weekend made for staying inside our cozy, warm home. Luckily for Chris & Jane, Cameron filled the days with giggles, new sounds, and lots and lots of playtime.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Annie's BDay! - Week of Jan. 12th

Cameron was a very lucky boy this week... he had his nanny, Anne, here for 2 nights and his Grandma here for 2 nights! The treacherous Michigan weather is actually providing an advantage for Cam since he had more time with a couple of his favorite girls.

Chris and Jane had a fun night out on Friday thanks to Cam's new babysitter, Andrea. And Cameron was such a good boy for her and went to bed on time and without fussing- way to go, Cam!
Sunday was a special day as the family traveled north to celebrate Anne's birthday and cousin Mike's birthday! Happy Birthday!!
It was so much to see friends and family.
Cam gave everyone kisses and showed off his 'high five' skills. He watched the Eagles game with his Uncle Joe and had some giggle fun with Aunt Joyce.

Cameron didn't want to miss any of the fun, so his nap was postponed until he finally gave in at 4pm. Chris decided to join in a little snooze so that Cam wouldn't feel too badly about missing anything...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Back to Work - Week of Jan. 5th

It was back to work full-time for Chris & Jane this week but Cameron's still smiling and laughing since he is able to play most of the day!

Cam seems to have some leftover affection from the holidays for 'unwrapping' things since he now loves to pull at paper of any kind. He even seems a bit amiss when you try to take it away!

It does make one wonder why parents buy so many toys at this age for kids when the paper and bags seem to make them just as happy at times.

Friday is the day that Cam's friend, Julie, stops by to track his development. Cameron loves seeing her and she always gives all of us new challenges to work on with Cam. As an example, Cameron has become an expert in 'giving kisses' and the new challenge is to have him 'give kisses' to specific people. Julie has told us that Cam is doing so well and we are very encouraged by her positive reports.... thanks to Julie for all that you do!!

With the chilly winter weather settling in, Cameron wants to tell everyone to stay cozy warm!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Years - Week of Dec. 29th

Welcome to 2009! Another busy week ensued at the Weatherford household.

"Auntie" Beth drove in on Monday and brought a sweet gift for Cameron. She and Jane had a spa day on Tuesday, while Chris played the role of "SuperDad" and worked from home to hang out with Cam.

On New Year's Eve, Chris, Jane & Cameron were lucky enough to spend the evening with 'Big Sis' Lauren and her boyfriend, John. They had a great time ringing in the new year. Even though it may appear that Cam took this picture, he was definitely sound asleep by the time 2009 rolled around.

Cam's Grandma had fun with him on Friday while Jane made a visit to the NICU Unit at Spectrum for some volunteer work. It was great to see Deb, Jackie and Sheri- thanks to you all for following the blog!!

After taking down the tree and putting away all of the Christmas decorations on Saturday, the family ended the week on a high note. Sunday was spent with Cam's godparents, Jo & Chris, their beautiful son, Will and his grandma, Jeanne. Jane & Jo are convinced that Will and Cam will be best buds, so they had some time to hang out and get acquainted.

Hope everyone had a wonderful New Year's celebration! We wish you all a happy and healthy '09!