Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dog Days of Summer - Week of July 25th

A school field trip to Frederick Meijer Gardens started out the week right for Cameron. The unusually warm days has made everyone gravitate towards water, especially Cam.

We may be a little biased, but our family thinks that swimming in Lake Michigan is the perfect way to spend a hot summer day!

The big lake was strangely calm and ideal conditions for Cam and Jane to try a little kayaking, something you normally don't see on Lake Michigan. Cameron wanted to paddle the entire time and liked being able to see sand at the bottom.

Chris sat Cam on a neighbor's jet ski and although he's not quite big enough to take a spin, it certainly intrigued him...

The weekend didn't include a boat ride, but Cameron was ready to go with Grandma and before summer is out, he'll feel the wind in his hair and the splash of waves in his face.

CamMobile has had lots of use this summer and Chris even built the new and improved version 2.0. Cam can't get enough of his stylish ride!
Cousin Coco's dogs enjoy the "shaded canopy" when the mobile isn't in use. Cam definitely gets a big kick out of the puppies playing together on the beach...
here's hoping the dog days of summer are helping you find the cooler things in life!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Getting Goofy with Dad - Week of July 18th

Cameron's Dad has a great sense of humor and this week, it was definitely exercised! Jane was gone for a portion of the week with girlfriend activities so the boys had a chance to hang out.

Chris took Cam over to the Holland Aquatic Center where lots of kids were splashing around. There were buckets, slides and fountains. Cam's favorite activity was pushing on the fountain so the water would spray on him more. He's quite the little fish and definitely enjoyed himself.

Silly sunglasses and hats were tried on at a party supply store where Cam and his Dad found lots of fun toys to check out. Cameron was pretty amazed by the huge balloons covering the walls. He certainly gave his parents some birthday ideas!

Everywhere Cam goes, he wears a smile and everyone says that his laughter is completely contagious.

One of our favorite family sayings goes with the true meaning of a piggyback...."hold on and enjoy the ride!"

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer Sweetness - Week of July 11th

With the temperatures in full summer swing, the family met up with cousins in Grand Haven for dinner and ice cream. You may know someone that enjoys a cool treat, but Cameron truly loves chocolate ice cream. Pictured here with his awesome cousins, he couldn't help but try to savor that chocolatey taste as long as possible.

Another treat this week for Cam was spending time with his one of his most favorite Cam-sitters, Sarah. We had to say goodbye to her for a few months due to her school commitments. She gave her buddy some early birthday presents -a new electric bubble blower and nerf toy rocket launcher which he's been playing with daily.
It is so sweet to see Cam's face light up when he sees Sarah. She's been such a blessing for our family and we're so happy she'll be back to Cam-sit in the winter.

The family ventured to the cottage for the weekend spending time with Jane's classmate and best friend from grade school/junior high, Leslie, and her wonderful girls, Erin and Allison. It didn't take long for Cameron to warm up to the girls and they thoroughly enjoyed playing on the beach with him. Erin & Allison decided that one of their favorite Cam pics was him posing in the bathtub with his hand under his chin and the girls decided to copy that same pose!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cam's Contribution & Chris' Bday - Week of July 4th

Do you recall when you were first paid for a real job? Chris and Jane remember that they were far older than Cameron. This week marked Cam's second session at Grand Valley to help the PT students with their physical therapy evaluations and be paid for his time. Fortunately for Cam, the work seems very enjoyable!

Within the week, Cameron met new GV students, but had to say goodbye to another. Kellie has been assisting Allison with Cam's PT sessions every week and now she is graduating from the program. We will miss seeing her, but know that she will be a great asset to the physical therapy world.

The weekend included some beach time, visiting with good friends and cousins and lots of sunshine!
The family celebrated Chris' birthday and Cam happily helped his Dad open presents!
In fact, one of the gifts, a remote-controlled helicopter looks to be fun for them both!
Hope everyone is having as much fun hanging out this summer as we are!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Introducing...The Cam-Mobile - Week of June 27th

In our society, things are named after people for a variety of reasons- mostly because they have somehow become "famous." Cameron Jackson isn't "famous" yet, but he now has a vehicle named after him....the "Cam-Mobile!" Chris brilliantly designed and built a beach dune buggy just for Cameron. This weekend was its first outing on Lake Michigan...and it certainly did clock quite a bit of mileage.
Cam's buddy Will couldn't wait to take a turn pushing Cameron and even asked for a ride himself. Please note that Auntie Jo, Will's Mom, must be given credit for choosing the perfect name for Cam's beach ride- the Cam-Mobile!
Grandma and Grandpa, Aunts, Uncles and cousins watched an incredibly happy boy riding up and down the shoreline. Cousin Annie thought Cam's wheels were the coolest!
It was a perfect holiday weekend at the beach filled with family, best friends and fireworks!

On a side note, Cam ventured out to the John Ball Park Zoo on Monday for a field trip with some of his classmates. Even though the weather didn't cooperate that day, we discovered Cameron's favorite zoo animal is the penguin. He loved watching the penguins jump in the water and swim around!

It was a very memorable week and one that our family will not soon forget...who may be seeing a Cam-Mobile in the future at a store near you...

"Any man can be a father, but it takes a special person to be a Dad!"