Sunday, March 29, 2015

Big Helper - Week of Mar. 23rd

Cam has always been ready and willing (and asking) to help with things.
In Chris' office, there are many different options one can work on and each of them usually involves technology.

Jane walked into the office one evening to hear Cam telling Chris to "re-boot it Dad" - valid advice that seems to fix most issues.
Sometimes, though, a closer inspection is required and Cam actively assists his dad with all troubleshooting activities and is definitely much more patient with electronics than his mom is!

Over the weekend, we had some buddies visit.  Emma arrived for egg decorating festivities.
She had a great idea to use tape to make a cross on her egg and then dip it in the colored solution.  After it dried, we took off the tape to reveal
the cross-- pretty creative.  Cam was quite intent on dipping the eggs to just the right color equation.  We even colored one half of an egg blue
and the other half yellow.  Many thanks to Oma for bringing us the hard boiled eggs in advance- that certainly saved some time!

In the afternoon, buddy Will and Auntie Jo stopped by to hang out for awhile.  It's always cute to watch these two together.

One year apart and getting older, but not too old to give a good buddy a hug!!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Afternoon Dates - Week of Mar. 16th

Sometimes, people come into your life for a moment, a day, or a lifetime. It matters not the time they spent with you but how they impacted your life in that time...

Cam spends quality time with two lovely ladies after school.

In the beginning of the week, Kelsey awaits her buddy's arrival off of the bus.
The warming trend allowed the duo to have an impromptu picnic outside for a late afternoon snack.
Kelsey works to help Cam with his physical therapy activities, being sure to wrap smiles and fun around every challenge.  Whether it's working on taking steps, sliding down the stairs, or balancing on a ball, each and every exercise has a purpose.

Taylor comes over mid-week and finds different crafts, baking, and homework to occupy her time with Cameron.
The favorite treat at the top of the list is definitely brownies.  For some reason, Cam always volunteers to clean out the remainder of the chocolaty goodness.
Taylor asked if she could take the handsome boy to see a play at her school on Saturday.

From the time Cam woke up on the weekend, he kept asking what time the play was and when he was being picked up.
For his first official play performance, he wore his dress shoes and black pants.  The play, "Once Upon a Mattress" was put on by the Forest Hills Central High School.  Taylor's best friend, Paige, was performing.

It was a long afternoon for Cam, being picked up at 2pm and returning close to 6pm.  He had a great time and enjoyed a tasty chocolate snack during the intermission.

Taylor posted a pic on Instagram with the caption "Best date!"   A big thanks to her for thinking of taking Cameron and spending the quality time to introduce him to his first play.

Cam liked seeing all of the performers after the musical.  Hopefully, this is just the beginning of his love for theater!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Gift of Giving- Week of Mar. 9th

The manner of giving is worth more than the gift.  ~Pierre Corneille, Le Menteur

The snow is melting quickly now and we can feel spring in the air.  Michigan has experienced an unusual amount of sunshine starting the day with some spectacular sunrises.

The week included building a birthday project for Katherine...the idea was Ms. Ann's, it was created by Chris, supervised by Cam, with support from Jane.  The gift was to build the cornhole game (bean bag toss) with one side set up as U of M and the other side, MSU.  The history of the game is mostly unknown.  One story claims that the game was first played during the 14th century in Germany, then rediscovered in Virginia, and in the tundras of Alaska, within the last century.  Because the craft was quite labor intensive, Ms. Ann saw Cam nearly every day this week.

Saturday was the official birthday celebration for both Katherine and Ms. Ann since their birthdays are so close together.  We dined on delicious steak and crab at Katherine and Paul's house and then played games, including but not limited to cornhole, catch phrase, Hollywood game night and others.

We are often struck by the realization that this group of people, our extended family, wouldn't be in our lives if it wasn't for Cam.  It is the gift that keeps on giving ...the gift of others.
Yesterday is history.  Tomorrow is a mystery.  And today?  Today is a gift.  
That's why we call it the present. 
~Babatunde Olatunji, also attributed to Alice Morse Earle

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Big Movie Day - Week of Mar. 2nd

Some experiences provide similar reactions whether you're a kid or an adult.  The same anticipation, excitement, and thrill are still there.

Cam's weekend started out with breakfast at Arnie's restaurant.  He feasted on scrambled eggs, toast, hash browns, sausage and fruit.  On the way out, the cakes certainly looked tasty.

Next, we were off to Costco, one of Cameron's favorite stops.  It could be due to the consistent food samples provided at every turn there. One of our items to pick up was a new office chair for Jane.  Upon arriving home, Cam and his dad put it together very quickly.  Of course, the chair had to be thoroughly tested.  Cam took multiple spins around and was a bit dizzy when he stopped.  The office chair passed the spin-o-rama testing and was promptly placed at Jane's desk.

The best part of the day was yet to come.  Emma, Cam and their moms had an outing planned to the movie theater.  We all wanted to see the Disney movie "Big Hero 6."

The experience of buying tickets and standing in line for popcorn is one that never gets old.  Of course, it is difficult to ration the tasty treat before the movie starts.  Quite possibly, we were halfway done with our popcorn when the theater darkened and the flick started.

It was a great movie filled with action, laughter, and a bit of Disney sadness mixed in.  We all giggled at Cam's reactions of "whoa" and "why did he do that?" peppered throughout the film.

Many thanks to our buddies, Emma and Patti who made this such a memorable day.

We were surprised to notice, even though we'd seen it many times before, that the sculpture in the courtyard of the cinema, is actually three C's on top of each other.

We had no idea there was artwork dedicated to Cam next to our favorite theater!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Off to McDonald's - Week of Feb. 23rd

Although winter continues to hang on, the wildlife is out foraging for food as noted by the deer down by our mailbox.  We have experienced more sunshine than usual, though, and the blue skies are a welcome sight.

Oma came into town to spend the night on Friday.  It was an exciting evening filled with books, games and a delicious dinner.  It's always a treat when Cam's grandma is here.  In true grandma-fashion, she's ready to play any game, and provide some baking tips for her grandson. The memory game is one of Cam's favorites and the duo also baked some yummy biscuits together.

On Saturday morning, a family outing to McDonald's was on the agenda.  Auntie Karen sent Cam his very first gift card for Valentine's day!
Although Karen couldn't be here, Oma was willing to go with us.

Cam hadn't had a McD's breakfast, so he decided to try everything.  He and Chris shared the "Big Breakfast" which includes 3 pancakes, sausage, scrambled eggs, hash brown, and a biscuit.  Cameron couldn't stop laughing about the fact that he was eating a "big tater tot" for breakfast!  Turns out McDonald's is pretty busy on Saturday mornings.  Cam talked to a truck driver who was headed to Minnesota for a delivery.  The truck reminded Cam of his favorite show "Mighty Machines."  Many thanks to Auntie Karen for such a fun treat!

To round out the weekend, buddies Emma and Cam played some Zingo, which is like bingo with an automatic dispenser.  There was much laughter when the pals each filled up their Zingo card at...the...exact...same...time!
Cam and Emma were convinced this rarely happens.
Pretty exciting times in the Weatherford household!