Sunday, October 25, 2009

Park Slide- Week of Oct. 19th

Cameron's week started off with an impromptu trip to Ada Park with both of his parents after work... it was such a beautiful, warm fall day, the family had to take advantage of the great weather.

Cam had a great time playing in the leaves, exploring all of the different colors and textures.

A new adventure he experienced was going down the big slide with his mom. He wasn't scared at all and giggled when they reached the bottom. Chris thought that Cam might want to try a little tree climbing and push-ups on some branches.
Of course, a little "daddy" assistance was needed for this exercise, but Cameron really enjoyed himself.

The rest of week was filled with typical Cameron activities: trying out different foods (melon is his new fav), continuing his daily walking, and of course, playtime.
Saturday and Sunday were a big treat for Cam- Grandma & Grandpa came in Saturday to spend the night and take care of Cameron while Chris & Jane ventured north for a wedding and then back to GR to see 'Big Sis' Lauren.

On Sunday, after Cameron slept in until a little after 10 (!), the entire family went out for brunch at Sundance. Great food and a great big thanks to Grandma & Grandpa for Cam-sitting!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pumpkin Patch- Week of Oct. 12th

Cameron split his time this week between his Grandma and Annie while Jane was working. It's obvious how much fun he has with both of them! Many walks outside and practicing puzzles were the hottest agenda items.

Saturday was a busy day as the family ventured over to Bos Greenhouse to pick out their pumpkins!
The sun was shining and it was a beautiful, crisp fall day. After much deliberation, three pumpkins were chosen.

Chris is the master carver and needs time to decide what he & Cam will be designing, so stay tuned for their creations in an upcoming blog...
After Cameron's nap, Chris, Cam & Jane drove up to the cottage to see their cousins and friends in from out of town. It was an evening filled with great food, games, and lots of laughter.

Sunday School rounded out Cam's week and after church, the family stayed at Cascade Fellowship for a wonderful dinner with some new friends. All in all, a great week.

Now, don't you wish you could have a smile on your face like this all day long?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mega Block Towers- Week of Oct. 5th

With the weather still a little weird this week, we became "regulars" at Centerpointe Mall. Cameron loves to race around and he sure does take great naps after all that exercise! Cam says kisses to Annie for all the help with the extra activity...

Thanks to the Huey family, Cam received a special surprise in the mail...180 mega blocks to build the biggest mega block towers around!! Of course, this is one of the specialities that Cam's Dad excels in. Chris & Cam had lots of fun building towers all week long.

Saturday was filled with activities- Cam and his parents went to cheer on their neighbors, Megan, Sarah, and Jenna in the kid's soccer game. Pictured from left to right is Anna holding Cam, Megan, Jenna, Matthew, Sarah, and Emma.
What an exciting time and the girls won their game- yeah!

In the evening, the family joined their good friends, the Meade family for a yummy pizza dinner and homemade cupcakes.

Cameron still likes to play with his laptop, especially when he's in his highchair, which is like his 'work desk.'

Now, if only he could help out his parents with all of their computer work!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mall Racing- Week of Sept. 28th

With the crazy weather this week, alternative plans had to be made for Cameron's daily exercise...

Centerpointe Mall proved to be the perfect place for Cam to walk as much as he wanted to in the new electric lime walker. He's almost a blur since he goes by so quickly... Jane told Chris that Cam sure loves to go fast and Chris commented, "Well, every race car driver does!"

When the weather cooperates, our driveway works well too since it has a small incline and the walker includes a feature on the wheels that allows for greater resistance downhill and little resistance uphill. In this particular video, Chris opted to give Cam a break with zero resistance heading down the driveway so that he could really have some fun...

The weekend included a trip up to the family cottage where Chris and Uncle Joe put up some snow fencing in an attempt to spare the beach volleyball court for next summer. Many thanks to Uncle Joe for expert fencing assistance and to Aunt Joyce for spending quality time with Cam! Although it was a bit cool at the lake, Cam had a great time hanging out with his aunt and uncle and of course, his awesome cousins.