Sunday, February 24, 2008

Exercises? - Week of Feb. 18th

Cameron had a special visit this week from Sweet 'Auntie' Andrea, 'Uncle' Steve and 'Big Sis' Lauren. They noticed how much bigger Cameron looks and how he feels "heavy" which is quite a statement since they all held him when he was just released from the hospital!

Cam has been progressing in all of his exercises, which include rolling from tummy to back, both sides, batting at toys, and grasping things. He loves to look at himself in the mirror and shows a big smile when he sees himself!

Chris and Jane had fun Saturday night when their close friends came over for dinner and games and to see Cameron, of course. It had been quite awhile since Cam had seen his 'Auntie' Jen, 'Uncle' Adam, 'Auntie' Bobbie and 'Uncle' Keith. They all enjoyed playing with him. Cameron snoozed while the girls beat the boys at Nintendo Wii Cranium.

Chris and Jane purchased an HD camcorder, so now they will able to capture all of Cam's cutest moments on video. They only hope that Cameron won't be camera shy! Hmmm, he hasn't been so far...

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I Hate Shots - Week of Feb. 11th

This was a special week for Cameron because his Grandma Mary Ellen stayed 3 whole days to take care of him while Chris and Jane were working. Grandma and Cam had lots of fun reading, playing with toys, practicing rolling over, and tummy time. When Grandma Mary Ellen told Cameron she had to leave, he literally seemed to pout!

Cam had his RSV vaccine shot and weighed in on Thursday. The big boy was a whopping 14 lbs!! After Cam's shot, he let out a big scream, but calmed down right away after Jane held him. The nurse told Cam that he is one of her bravest patients. Way to go Cam!

Valentine's Day was very special for Chris and Jane this year. They met 10 years ago on this day and can't believe how quickly time has passed. Chris also proposed to Jane on this day just 5 years ago. For V-day, Chris brought Jane the most beautiful bouquet of flowers. The calla lilies were a part of Chris & Jane's beach wedding.
On Saturday, Cameron had a special visit from one of his favorite nurses, Deb. She hadn't seen Cam since he was in intermediate care in the hospital! Chris and Jane are so thankful for the friends they met in the hospital and how much they cared for Cameron. He is such a lucky boy!!
On Sunday, Cam celebrated his 6-month birthday!!! Time has gone by much too quickly...

Monday, February 11, 2008

Home Again - Week of Feb. 4th

Cameron, Jane and Chris came home from Ringlers on Wed. eve. They all had so much fun staying with Lauren and the pets!
Cameron's parents were a little nervous that Cam's sleeping habits wouldn't continue. However, Cam had a restful 6 straight hours of sleep that evening!

Cameron had some visitors on Thursday, his Aunt Joyce and Uncle Joe. Uncle Joe explained more baseball jargon to Cameron, who really seemed to take it all in. Aunt Joyce watched Cam as she realized he discovered he likes to suck on his hand, and laughed when he tried to fit both hands in his mouth.

Cam's Grandma Mary Ellen was here on Friday and couldn't believe how much Cameron had changed since she hadn't seen him for 2 weeks (due to our lovely Michigan weather!). Cam was very happy to see his Grandma again.

Cameron saw his buddy, Maureen, on Saturday when she came to babysit Cam for a few hours while Chris and Jane ran some errands and met Cam's godparents for a bite to eat. The rest of the weekend was spent staying cozy and warm, and that's very easy to do when there's a cozy, warm Cameron to cuddle with!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Superbowl! - Week of Jan. 28th

Maybe Cameron needed a change of scenery, or just wanted to hang out with 'Big Sis' Lauren for awhile, or maybe Cam decided that his parents had too many bags under their eyes. Whatever the reason, on Tuesday, Jan. 29th, Cameron slept an entire 6 hours!! (Hallelujah-- imagine singing here...) The trend continued through the week and Chris and Jane could not be happier.

Cameron's cousin, Maya, who lives in Virginia, was having some trouble sleeping through the night as well. Maya's parents are convinced that Cam called her when Chris and Jane weren't looking to tell her how cool this new sleeping thing is-- way to go Maya! And happy sleeping, Dirk & Lisa.

Cameron has had lots of fun at the Ringlers. He's been noticing his toys more and trying to grasp things (including his parents skin!) and appears more alert to his surroundings every day.

For Superbowl Sunday, Cam sported a football outfit to cheer on the teams. Chris & Jane weren't exactly sure who he was rooting for, but Cam looked wide-eyed when Eli made that touchdown pass with less than 2 minutes left in the game. Congrats Giants!! And Congrats to Cameron for finally discovering uninterrupted slumber...

Good Night:)