Sunday, February 24, 2008

Exercises? - Week of Feb. 18th

Cameron had a special visit this week from Sweet 'Auntie' Andrea, 'Uncle' Steve and 'Big Sis' Lauren. They noticed how much bigger Cameron looks and how he feels "heavy" which is quite a statement since they all held him when he was just released from the hospital!

Cam has been progressing in all of his exercises, which include rolling from tummy to back, both sides, batting at toys, and grasping things. He loves to look at himself in the mirror and shows a big smile when he sees himself!

Chris and Jane had fun Saturday night when their close friends came over for dinner and games and to see Cameron, of course. It had been quite awhile since Cam had seen his 'Auntie' Jen, 'Uncle' Adam, 'Auntie' Bobbie and 'Uncle' Keith. They all enjoyed playing with him. Cameron snoozed while the girls beat the boys at Nintendo Wii Cranium.

Chris and Jane purchased an HD camcorder, so now they will able to capture all of Cam's cutest moments on video. They only hope that Cameron won't be camera shy! Hmmm, he hasn't been so far...

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