Sunday, April 25, 2010

My First School Days- Week of Apr. 19th

Ken-o-Sha Wellerwood Pre-School welcomed Cameron Jackson as their newest preschool student this week! Cam's school days are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9:10am-11:45am. His name is proudly displayed on the door (green at the bottom), along with all of his classmates.

Cameron settled in with some new buddies shown here. Carson and Matt are two new playmates. Cam had fun with both Jane and Chris on different days at his new school when they stayed to hang out. Jane participated with Cam on music day and Chris did an art project and both of them had a great time on the playground with their boy.

A required school accessory was provided to Cam by two of his favorite people- Grandma and the best godmother, Auntie Jo.
Pictured is the backpack from Grandma with Cam's name embroidered. He'll be using both of them for all of the activities yet to come!
Cameron survived his first week and his teachers, Nora and Kate, are so creative and make pre-school tons of fun!
We know he's looking so forward to week number two!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Home Alone- Week of Apr. 12th

This week, Cameron experienced quality time with both of his parents, but mostly at separate times... Jane traveled to Philadelphia early Tuesday and returned late Wednesday...Chris left for a Florida trip on Thursday afternoon, returning on Sunday.

It seemed like the perfect time to introduce Cam to some additional chores and independence!

He helped his Dad take the garbage can in on Monday evening, which although seeming like a mundane task, is turned into a fun one when Cam and his Dad are involved.

One thing that Cameron doesn't mind doing at all is cleaning off his own tray. He is such a good helper and even completes the task with a smile!

His nightly drink of milk is something he can handle on his own as well- way to go Cam!

There were certainly lots of family around this week to hang out with the popular boy- special thanks to Grandma, Annie, Aunt Joyce & Uncle Joe!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bad Habits? - Week of Apr. 5th

It won't be long before Cameron starts going to school 3 mornings a week!! In anticipation of being in a disciplined school setting, Chris thought it might be fun to let Cam "break the rules" so to speak...
Here, Cam is learning the fine art of obtaining a quick drink of milk when one just can't take the time to find a cup.

Scooting around on the hot tub on the back deck is a fun activity, but Cam does agree that it's much more fun to be splashing around in the hot tub, as opposed to being on top of it.

Hanging out on one of the deck chairs is also relaxing for the big boy. And hanging out with 'Auntie' Jo was fun for the entire family when they ventured to Holland on Saturday eve.

Cameron had a fun walk with the neighbor girls on Sunday and ended his week with a tasty treat of his Grandma's homemade chocolate cookies- yum, yum!! Many thanks, Grandma!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Celebrating Easter - Week of Mar. 29th

What a beautiful week filled with sunshine...Cam had to wear shades!!

Cameron was lucky enough to have his Grandma for 2 days this
week! Cam and Grandma colored eggs together, which proved an enjoyable task for them both. Cameron liked all the different colors, but was definitely partial to the blue eggs.

Another evening with good friends and neighbors, the Raisch family provided fun playtime for Cam as well as Chris & Jane while watching the Final Four.

Family dining on the back deck was on the agenda with the nice weather this week and Easter Sunday was a beautiful day too. Grandma & Grandpa brought Cam an Easter basket. The toys were interesting, but that Easter grass made much more of mess, so therefore, lots of fun too!

Cameron, Jane, Chris, Grandma & Grandpa and Aunt Tracy all had a delicious brunch at Sundance and then watched Cam go on an Easter egg hunt!

We hope your Easter celebration included blessings, laughter and family time!