Sunday, October 31, 2010

Coolest Halloween Ever! - Week of Oct. 25th

Pumpkin-carving took place right before Halloween this year and Chris did an awesome job with his expert tools and Cam's approval.
Cameron actually celebrated the treating 3 different times this week!

On Friday, our little "Fonz" rode on the school bus with his leather jacket, slicked back hair and a bag full of chocolate. Later that afternoon, Jane & Grandma took Cam over to Chris' office where employee's children can trick-or-treat at everyone's office desk inside! It was lots of fun to see other kids dressed up and pick up a few pieces of candy along the way.

Luckily for Cam, his godmother, Auntie Jo decided to bring Will over on Saturday so that the two buddies could celebrate Halloween together.
They played for a bit in the afternoon, doing a great job sharing toys with each other. When it came time to head out into the neighborhood for official treat pick-up, Cam's buddy, Will decided that he needed to ride in a stroller too- just because Cam was in one! The boys made the rounds and everyone commented how cute they looked. Many thanks to Auntie Jo, Will, Coco and Ronda for joining in the festivities...

Cam is shown here teaching Will the fine art of checking to be certain your parents haven't removed the candy that you just worked so hard at putting in your candy pail. Hope everyone had a very happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dinner with Dad & Pumpkin Picking - Week of Oct 18th

Cameron's school had a special dinner just with Dad on Thursday evening. Cam & Chris had a great time sitting with Cam's classmates, their Dad's, and some school helpers. After dinner, some playground swinging rounded out the evening.

The Yankees didn't do enough swinging this week to make it into the World Series. But cousin Coco and Cam had fun watching the game anyways....

One of this week's highlights was a trip to Robinette's to pick out some pumpkins for Halloween! With so many to choose from, Cameron settled on a bumpy pumpkin that made him giggle when he touched it. Chris and Jane found an orange one each to carve later as well.

Before leaving Robinette's, the family had to partake in some silliness... and Cam discovered that he loves being showered with fall leaves!
Next week's's a Halloween costume clue...
"Who is cooler than the Fonz, but laughs so much more,
Gives the biggest hugs of all, and is not even four!"

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Swinging in the Sunshine - Week of Oct. 11th

Although fall has arrived in Michigan as depicted by the vibrant colors, the weather is still holding in a warm, sunny pattern. Long stroller rides and school filled Cameron's week and the weekend continued to bring sunshine!

On Saturday, the family trekked north to visit Grandma and Grandpa, aunts and uncle, and cousins. Chris & Jane were busy cleaning up the beach and Annie stopped over for a special visit with Cam. Cameron could barely contain his excitement! It's been quite awhile since he's seen one of his favorite people. The beautiful Lake Michigan sunset faded much too quickly.
Cameron's smile certainly didn't fade away with that sunset...

Sunday brought a visit from Auntie Jo, Cam's godmother, and her son, Will. The boys had a great time swinging at the park and both took turns heading down the slide with their moms. It's easy to see that the two toddlers enjoy each other's company.

Jane & Jo are contemplating creating a book series entitled..."The Godbrother Adventures of Cam & Will"...since Jane is Will's godmother and Jo is Cam's. Shown here, the boys appear to be figuring out where their next adventure will be...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Trolley Ride & Cousin's Birthday - Week of Oct. 4th

Cameron's first official school pictures were taken on Thursday! School pics have definitely changed since an online catalog now allows for the choice between 50 different backgrounds! Stay tuned for the school pic in a later blog.
For the big game on Saturday, Cameron sported a jersey from his 'Auntie' Bobbi and 'Unc' Keith. Cam is keeping a watchful eye on the game while petting Stella...

By far, the highlight of Cam's week was celebrating his cousin's 4th birthday. Cameron's cousin, Harry, had quite the day by providing a trolley ride for all his party guests. The trolley left Harry's home near Easttown and traveled all around downtown Grand Rapids past many of the art prize exhibits and through John Ball Park zoo. The final stop was Harry's favorite restaurant- Jonny B'z for hot dogs! The food was delicious, enjoyed by all, and the homemade cupcakes were very yummy indeed. Many thanks to the Cornell family for all of the treats:)
It's easy to see that Cam looks up to his cousin, Harry, and was so excited to be invited to his awesome birthday party!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Art in Motion - Week of Sept 27th

Art is subjective and different types of art appeal to different people. In honor of our local art prize contest ( here in Grand Rapids, Chris and Jane attempted some "artistic" photos this week.

Cameron likes to ride on his rocking zebra, which some may think is a horse until you look closely. The zebra makes plenty of noise and plays some fun songs as well.

Each week, Cam attends occupational therapy where he is learning and practicing different activities pertaining to daily living. Usually, at the end of each session, there is a little bit of time to play on some of the unique exercise aids.

It's easy to see that Cam definitely loves having his picture taken. Shown here with some "artsy" shades, he seems to be contemplating the art of eating....