Sunday, June 27, 2010

1st Trip to the Zoo! - Week of June 21st

Back to school for Cameron this week and the bonus was attending a school field trip on Friday! John Ball Park Zoo hosted kids from Cam's school, so Jane & Cam had free admission.

Grandma joined in the fun and Cameron had his first exposure to seeing some pretty large animals up close!

Although Cam wasn't too sure about petting any furry creatures, he sure did have lots of fun playing some bongo drums with Grandma!!

It was a perfect day for a zoo trip and the 'Nessie' was even spotted in the zoo's little lake...

Cameron always has such fun-filled weekends. A family favorite ritual took place- dinner with our wonderful neighbors, the Raisch family complete with homemade berry cobbler- yummy!

Chris took Cam on a shopping excursion to Costco where Cam sampled some yummy treats. The boys surprised Jane with a beautiful bouquet of flowers making her feel like the luckiest wife and mom!
A perfect end to the perfect weekend...

Sunday, June 20, 2010

No School & Daddy's Day - Week of June 14th

Cameron had a well-deserved week off of school and Grandma was on hand to help out with activities. Cam enjoyed eating dinner outside on the back deck! Stella, the cat, was a little jealous that Cam was dining outdoors and not dropping crumbs for her to taste.

The warm weather has made it easy to enjoy many stroller walks, read books outside and visit neighbor kids.

Chris and Cam enjoyed Father's Day together dining on a special breakfast made by Jane and then the boys headed out to a home improvement store. Cam had made Chris a special gift at school to place in the rose garden. It's a ceramic leaf that has many different uses, but Chris felt it looked best outdoors. Cameron gave his Dad some new books to read for story time- they are all about dads and their boys.

Cam is convinced (and so is Jane) that he has the best Dad ever!!!
Hope all of the dads out there had a great Father's Day:)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Jane's Bday & Licorice - Week of June 7th

Cameron discovered that he shares a very important trait with his Mom- they both love licorice! For Jane's birthday, Chris surprised her with a digital photo frame, an outdoor deck fireplace, and a huge bag of red licorice. It's obvious that Cam likes the chewy stuff as much as Jane does!

Thursday evening was very special when Cam ventured out with the neigbor girls, their mom, and Jane over to Cam's school. On the playground, they had a picnic dinner of pizza and breadsticks. Then, they enjoyed lots of fun playtime. All of the girls commented that Cam's school has "the best playground ever!

Cam said goodbye to his first bus driver, Janet this week. She is retiring and was so wonderful helping Cameron become acclimated to the big yellow bus. As Janet says, 'you wouldn't know it's the same kid who first got on the bus crying a few weeks ago...' Indeed, Cam has come a long way and happily waves goodbye to his parents on school days.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Grandma's Visit - Week of May 31st

After the fun Memorial Day weekend, Cameron was so lucky to have his Grandma visit for 4 days! She arrived on Tuesday and stayed until Friday. Cam was very happy about this, especially since Jane had to drive to Indiana for work and stay overnight.

Bathtime is still a big favorite of Cam's and the green foam is especially fun since it turns into soap! Cameron had a bit of a fever on Wednesday and a little cold, but he bounced back by the end of the week.

Playtime outside with Grandma was a big hit and the rose garden that Chris planted looks so beautiful this time of year. All Cam seems to want to do is walk around everywhere, with a little help.

Jane was so happy to see her big boy after her work trip, that she couldn't resist giving him a extra big tickle attack! Cam sure does love to giggle...which makes everyone around him giggle too!