Sunday, August 31, 2008

First Laptop - Week of Aug. 25th

Cameron enjoyed his official last week of summer. One of his new favorite bday toys is a little baby 'laptop' pictured here. Cam attended his first neighborhood party on Monday where he had lots of attention from all of the neighbor ladies. He also had his first bite of pineapple- yum!

One of Cameron's favorite playtime tricks is the upside down game with his Dad. It makes him giggle so much! Cam also thinks his spoon is pretty tasty and he's attempted to 'steal' the spoon and try to feed himself. However, he still needs a little assistance in that department!

Over the weekend, Cameron had fun hanging out at the cottage with Grandma & Grandpa and on the beach with their good friends, the Meade family, 'Auntie' Leslie & JB, and all of the cousins, aunts and uncles. Cam also met his Aunt Tracy for the first time.
To top off the weekend, Cameron had quite a few bites of homemade vanilla ice cream, which seems to be one of his most favorite treats. To quote from Cam himself..."Hmmmmm,ummmmm,hmmmm."

We hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy BDay #2 - Week of Aug. 18th

Cameron started off the week with a very special surprise... another birthday celebration with his 'second' family, the Ringlers! Jane, Chris & Cam enjoyed an incredible home-cooked meal and a very special cake, made personally by Cam's 'Big Sis' Lauren and her boyfriend, John. It was incredibly yummy and Cameron definitely agreed!! What a lucky boy to have 2 cakes in 2 days. Cameron saw balloons for the very first time and was pretty interested in them. They've been floating in his room all week and he loves to look at them. Many thanks to the Ringler family for a wonderful celebration & Cameron's fun presents! It was a bittersweet evening since Chris, Jane & Cam had to say goodbye to 'Big Sis' Lauren who's heading to school out in Colorado.

Before Cameron's 2nd bday festivities, he had his 12 month appt with the doctor. She commented how much he's grown- he now weighs almost 21 lbs and is a little over 28 inches tall. The doc said he can switch over to whole milk in the next month or so. Cameron even gave the doc a big smile, until of course, those 3 vaccination shots were given.

Cameron spent the remainder of the week catching some of the Olympics with his parents. He did get caught up in the excitement, so maybe look for him in the 2020 or 2024 games!

This first year has been pretty incredible and Chris & Jane couldn't be more proud of their son and how far he's come. Thank you all for your amazing love and support!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

1st Birthday - Week of Aug. 11th

Headline: Cameron Jackson celebrates his 1st Birthday!!

Another socially packed weekend awaited Cameron...

On Friday eve, Cam and his parents had fun at Chris' company picnic in Ada Park. Chris volunteered for the 'Flush Tank' for charity, and needless to say, helped raise enough money to be totally soaked! Then, the family drove up to the cottage to see Grandma and Grandpa and to say goodbye to some of their favorite cousins, who had to leave early the next day.

On Saturday, Cameron met more of his Stony Lake 'family' and had a great time hanging out with the families that are so very special to Jane. Caroline, who Jane used to babysit, changed Cam's diapers 3 times that day- and she swore she'd never change a diaper- way to go Caroline! Cameron enjoyed a wonderful bonfire too- pictured here is his 'Aunt' Sally.

Sunday was Cameron's first birthday and Grandma ordered him a special "Smashcake." Cam's Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins all joined in the fun. And boy, did he smash that cake! Luckily, Grandma ordered another cake for everyone else!!
Cam eagerly helped his Mom open every present and seemed intrigued with each and every one of them. Cameron wants to thank everyone for celebrating and for all of his special gifts!! Pictured is the aftermath of the mashcake! Thanks Grandma for letting Cameron make such a big mess- what a great first birthday!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lots of Friends - Week of Aug. 4th

Cameron's newest favorite snack to eat is Nilla Wafers-
he loves the taste and eats them in little pieces. He happily smiles and 'says' hmmmm' when he eats them, which translates into 'yummy!' Cam was Mr. Social this week... on Thursday afternoon, he ventured up to Stony Lake with Jane & Grandma to visit close family friends, known as the second family. Cameron met Jimmy (a.k.a. Umpy), Barb, Sarah, & Matt. He easily went to them since he they introduced the tasty Nilla's!

On Friday & Saturday, Chris, Jane & Cam hung out with the Cronk family at the cottage. They had lots of fun playing on the beach. Cam's parents look forward to helping to prepare Hannah for babysitting in a couple of years.
Next year, the Cronk's youngest, Thomas, will have team up with Cameron to play with the girls.

Saturday was a special evening as Chris & Jane celebrated their 5-year wedding anniversary. Lucky Cameron stayed at the cottage to play with his nanny & cousin, Annie. Thanks Annie!!
On Sunday, Cameron met lots of new cousins at Aunt Mary's retirement party! It was a long drive home and after all of that activity, Cam slept 10 hours... yeah!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

VROOM - Week of July 28th

Cameron has increased his sound vocabulary as Chris & Jane try to remember all of the new things, including a single "da" which was expressed very clearly.

This week Cameron hung out his babysitter, Sarah, twice and he was a happy camper!

The weekend included another beach trip for Cameron and Chris decided to get his toes wet in Lake Michigan. Cameron wasn't too keen on the chillier water and is definitely hoping the next time in feels a little more like his bath.

On Saturday, Cameron met a very good friend of Chris & Jane's, 'Auntie' Leslie, who drove up from Indiana with JB. Leslie brought Cam an assortment of Indianapolis Colts sports balls to play with. Thanks Leslie! His favorite appeared to be the softball, as it made him giggle like crazy.

Cameron also giggles at funny new words... Grandma said "vroom, vroom" and Cam couldn't stop giggling over that sound.