Sunday, March 11, 2018

Rewarding The Effort - Week of Mar. 5th

“I'm a greater believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.” ~Thomas Jefferson
“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.” ~Beverly Sills

The white stuff isn't ready to head out completely even though we turned the calendar into March.

At school, Cam has been a part of the Chinese Immersion program.  To that end, he was able to practice using chopsticks for the first time.  His Immersion teacher explained that this is how they train kids in China to use chopsticks too- the sticks are tied together to make it easier.  Cam found success in picking up the soft lightweight puffs of fabric.

Back on the home front, Cam continued his daily walking in the evenings as well as taking on some
extra homework from his teacher.  Our organized boy came up with the idea of "logging" both of these items.  Possibly in part to prove to others he has completed and potentially due to ensuring his sometimes forgetful parents take note.  Either way, after an evening haircut for both father and son, the two handsome guys made their way to pick up a delicious reward- dinner from the close by, newly opened Chick-Fil-A.

Jane spent a portion of the week with 'Auntie' Leslie, her longtime, closest friend from childhood.  Leslie lives in North Carolina now and a special visit to Michigan meant a drive for the girls to the beautiful Lake Michigan.
Cam's parents have explained to him how rare it is to have friends in your life for such a long time.  It is funny to think that Leslie and Jane met in the 4th grade, the same grade Cam is in now.  Most of Cam's classmates have all been together since kindergarten.  He has no idea how fortunate he is!

Over the weekend, Chris spent some time on the slopes at Caberfae Peaks with his buddy, Greg.  Back at home, Cam and his mom made banana bread and delivered some fresh out of the oven to our Windcrest neighbor, Miss Pat, who is moving soon.  She loved seeing Cam and said she was looking forward to the delicious baked goodness.
Among some other Saturday projects, Cam took time to care for our cat, Stella.
If you need any projects completed around your home and have any trouble getting motivated, we highly recommend hiring Cam...don't forget, he already receives a W-2!

Camology Quotes:
We are so fortunate to have been surrounded by such communicative people who interact with Cam.
Ms. Kathy, his teacher, often sends emails about what happened at school.  The one sent this week will surely be an all-time favorite.

I just want you to know how much I appreciate your son. We read a news article today about school breakfast and he had so many good questions that shows that he was doing some higher level thinking about the subject. I will paraphrase some of his questions.
"What do kids who get school breakfast do for breakfast on the weekend or when there is no school? "How do they get food?" 
"What do they do for dinner if they don't have money for food?" 
It gave us a chance for some good discussion about programs that help others. ;-)
I love it when kids go beyond the basic understanding!

Friday, March 2, 2018

Up For The Challenge - Week of Feb. 26th

"Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory." ~George S. Patton 

There comes a point in the day when sometimes, you just don't feel like completing a task.  Whether it's been a long day, sleep wasn't perfect the night before, or you'd rather do something else, at times, you just want to skip the duty in front of you.

Cam may emit some grumblings, but somehow, someway, he perseveres through the endeavor.
Since his gait trainer arrived at home a few weeks ago, he made a promise to walk in it daily.  He hasn't missed a day, even on his busiest ones filled with activities at school, homework at home and swimming lessons, he has completed the walking!
Over the weekend, it was his first trek taking the gait trainer outside.  The sunshine seemed to give Cam an extra burst of energy.  The extra large surface area allowed us to create a challenge for our dedicated son to finish within a certain amount of time.

The weekend projects never seem to run out for us.   We picked up an exercise bike from a nice neighbor, Miss Pat, who is moving soon.  Cam had to test it out.  He's not quite tall enough to reach the pedals though.

On Sunday evening, we enjoyed Miss Emma's company.  The picture on the right from 7 years ago seemed fitting to post again...(especially since Jane forgot to snap some pics!)

After playing cards and sharing dessert, we watched some funny videos on tv.  It's pretty amazing to say you have a friend you've known all of your life and even more amazing when no matter what, they always put a smile on your face.

Camology Quotes:
While Jane was away on business for a couple of days, Cam had a substitute bus driver.  When Jane called from Texas, she asked the boys who the sub driver was.  They told her they didn't ask him his name.  
Jane had told Cam and his dad to let the bus driver know on Tuesday that Cam would not be riding Wednesday morning due to a scheduled appointment.  
Chris realized Tuesday evening they had forgotten.

"Cam, we forgot to tell your driver that you wouldn't be riding the bus tomorrow."
"Dad, I did not forget.  The bus driver is a stranger because I do not know his name.  I was not going to say 'Hey stranger, I am not riding your bus tomorrow.'  That would have been rude!"