Sunday, May 25, 2008

9 Month Checkup - Week of May 19th

Cameron had his 9-month checkup on Monday. The big boy weighed in at 18lbs, 26.5 inches long. No wonder he seems so heavy these days! Cam's doc was very pleased with his growth progress and loved his smiles. Yes, he was smiling because the 9-month checkup does not include any shots! Grandma Mary Ellen accompanied Jane & Cameron to this appointment as she has every pediatrician visit since Cam was released from the hospital- thanks for all of your help Grandma!
Wednesday evening was 'Big Sis' Lauren's graduation!! Congrats to Cam's 'Big Sis' and her wonderful parents!!

On Saturday, Cam had his first overnight visit at the family cottage on Lake Michigan. Jane & Chris weren't sure how he'd react to his second home where most summer weekends are spent. However, in typical Cam fashion, he settled right in and had lots of fun visiting many of his cousins, aunts and uncles. Cameron's caretaker, cousin Annie, was there too, and Cam is always so excited to see her.

Although it was a beautiful weekend, it was a little too chilly for Cam to hang out at the beach. In lieu of sunbathing, Cameron & Grandma took a little siesta instead!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Yummy Blackberry - Week of May 12th

It doesn't seem possible, but Cameron celebrated his 9-month birthday on Saturday! Cam's godparents, Chris & Jo, sent him a very special bday card to mark the occasion.

On Tuesday, Cameron had his 9-month progress clinic at DeVos Children's Hospital to chart his development compared to other premature infants. Cam's doctor was very pleased with all of his progress and growth- Cam even gave Dr. Dodge a big smile and giggle. He had a hearing test too and passed.

Cameron is very interested in what Chris & Jane are doing and if they give him something to hold, he thinks it must be immediately put into his mouth. Cam must think that everything tastes better with a little drool. As you can see, he is already a future Blackberry user...

The Gerber 2nd foods have been added to Cam's diet and between his bottles, he eats 3 different containers of 2nd foods throughout the day. He seems to really like everything he devours and Chris & Jane are certain that they've heard Cam say "hmmmm" after he gets a spoonful.

Sunday was full of outings for Cameron- brunch at Bombay Cuisine with 'Uncle Keith' and 'Auntie Bobbi' and then a trip to Costco. Chris and Jane feel much better about taking Cameron out into the world since he'sbeen so healthy and happy.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Trip to Florida - Week of May 5th

Cameron not only survived his first trip away from home, he conquered it! He wasn't too sure about the Atlantic Ocean as it's not quite "bathwater" temperature yet. However, the wading pool at the hotel was definitely more his stride. This must have seemed like the biggest bathtub in the world, except for the fact that Jane did not wash his hair. The sunrise from the Daytona Beach hotel room was incredible!
Cameron also met his Uncle John, Aunt Judy and cousin John for the first time in Florida. Somehow, Cam knew they were family, because he had some big smiles and giggles for them.
The plane ride home was so pleasant that some of the passengers actually thanked Chris & Jane for Cameron's quiet behavior as they exited the plane. It did seem that Cam was happy to be home, though, and slept a whole 12 hours his first night back in his own crib.

Jane's 1st offical Mother's Day was very special. Chris & Cam gave her a beautiful orchid plant and a sweet card. Then the three of them went to surprise Jane's mom by attending church in Muskegon. Of course, everyone was so excited to finally meet Cameron, the precious boy they had heard so much about. After a delicious Mother's Day meal at Grandma & Grandpa Miller's, Chris, Jane & Cam drove home for a much-needed rest after such a busy, wonderful day.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Congradulations Greg and Jill - Week of Apr. 28th

This blog entry is being brought to you from Daytona Beach, Florida where Chris, Jane & Cam are still enjoying their vacation!

Cam handled his first plane ride on Wednesday like a champ- no fussing during takeoff or landing. Chris & Jane were so proud of their big boy!

Cameron has had such a busy week in Florida, meeting lots of new people and experiencing sunshine on a daily basis. Thankfully, Grandma & Grandpa Miller took care of Cam while Chris & Jane attended to wedding duties for their good friends, Greg & Jill.
Cameron has been adjusting to eating out in restaurants and seeing different sights and sounds very nicely. He even watched Chris & Jane stand up in Greg & Jill's wedding on the Atlantic Ocean beach on Saturday. Everyone thought Cam looked very handsome too!

Just a few more vacation days left and tomorrow, Cameron will dip his feet in the Atlantic. For all of you Michiganders, you'll be happy to know it's been in the 80's and sunny every day!