Sunday, May 18, 2008

Yummy Blackberry - Week of May 12th

It doesn't seem possible, but Cameron celebrated his 9-month birthday on Saturday! Cam's godparents, Chris & Jo, sent him a very special bday card to mark the occasion.

On Tuesday, Cameron had his 9-month progress clinic at DeVos Children's Hospital to chart his development compared to other premature infants. Cam's doctor was very pleased with all of his progress and growth- Cam even gave Dr. Dodge a big smile and giggle. He had a hearing test too and passed.

Cameron is very interested in what Chris & Jane are doing and if they give him something to hold, he thinks it must be immediately put into his mouth. Cam must think that everything tastes better with a little drool. As you can see, he is already a future Blackberry user...

The Gerber 2nd foods have been added to Cam's diet and between his bottles, he eats 3 different containers of 2nd foods throughout the day. He seems to really like everything he devours and Chris & Jane are certain that they've heard Cam say "hmmmm" after he gets a spoonful.

Sunday was full of outings for Cameron- brunch at Bombay Cuisine with 'Uncle Keith' and 'Auntie Bobbi' and then a trip to Costco. Chris and Jane feel much better about taking Cameron out into the world since he'sbeen so healthy and happy.


Anonymous said...

Hey Cam's Parents! This is Marcy (Jane's newly reunited friend!). Tell Jane I caught up on this blog Sunday afternoon / evening. I'm so glad she shared it with me. I owe her a reply via email or facebook soon. Just wanted to tell you how awesome this blog is! Your son is adorable and I certainly hope to meet him (and Daddy) someday. I'll be in touch soon, Jane!

Anonymous said...

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