Sunday, October 26, 2014

Perfect Fall Day, Perfect Pumpkins - Week of Oct. 20th

Fall days can be chilly and rainy.  For Michigan, it's been one of the best autumn seasons filled with days that you wish there was a pause button for.
The warmth of the sun on your back, the incredible colors that appear brighter and more vibrant each day, and of course, picnic lunches make us want to hang on to October just a bit longer.

Outdoor activities were a must this week as we enjoyed an unseasonably warm duration of weather.  Emma joined us to dine outside and play "vehicles" in the driveway.  It's funny how parents can make up a game and it's fairly enjoyable, but when a friend/peer creates one, well let's just say that Cam definitely prefers Emma's impromptu events over any adult-orchestrated one.

In the evening, Auntie Jo found a perfect pre-Halloween outing for Will and Cam to see...a pumpkin walk!

There were over 700 pumpkins displayed along a wooded trail. Some were expertly carved and others were just fun to see.  The church where the event was hosted in Allendale was very welcoming with a treat tent, some local firemen and many beacons of light along the pathway.  "George" was definitely Cam's favorite carving in the woods.  Although we couldn't get a perfect pose from the boys, we captured a moment showing that buddy bond.  Many thanks to Auntie Jo for finding a free, fun time for all of us!
Kelsey & Cam hanging out :)

As the leaves pile up and we know the changing weather is right around the corner, Cam's enthusiastic chant of "Yeah, sun!" will be echoed by us all!

"To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often." ~Winston Churchill

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Surprises! - Week of Oct. 13th

Mum from 'Auntie' Karen
now in full bloom
 Color view from our driveway
 The fall colors this year seem extra vibrant!  Everywhere you look, trees are bursting with different hues of red, orange and yellow.
It seems that when you think you've seen the most beautiful one, around the next corner you're surprised once again.

Friday held a big surprise for Cam after school.  He knew Miss Ann was coming to Cam-sit that evening, but he didn't know that Katherine (aka- Ah-Dah) was planning an unscheduled stop as well.  Not only was she greeted by screams of delight from Cam, but she also brought yummy Culver's chocolate milkshakes for everyone!
When Jane broke out the camera, someone couldn't stop sipping the delicious drink long enough to look up...

We've been told on many occasions by different people (via unsolicited opinions) that Cam has the innate ability to brighten anyone's day, especially if it's been less than stellar.  And on this particular Friday, Katherine decided she needed her "Cam fix."  We're happy to report that Cam did his job as we watched a smiling Ah-Dah go on her way.
Ann and Katherine also gave their favorite 7-year-old a cool gift
from their recent trip to Mackinaw Island.  Cam's bedroom door is now adorned with a Cameron St. sign!  He wants to show it to everyone.

We can't give away Cam's choice for his Halloween costume this year just yet, but we will tempt you with a picture of the guys creating something that involves power tools and safety glasses!

We had a quick trip to visit Oma and Opa's on Sunday to enjoy a tasty brunch and play some games.  We kept noting the pretty fall colors everywhere.
Since pictures can't do the beauty justice, we encourage you to go out....and be surprised!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fall Baseball....Going, Going, Gone - Week of Oct. 6th

Cam is perfecting his negotiating skills these days.  In the evenings, before bedtime, he has the option of watching a show, as in 1...that has now become "Mom, 2 please."  So, as Cam's last fall baseball game approached, he woke up Saturday morning asking for two baseball games!

We were so fortunate to have such a beautiful day for the WMML league to take the field one last time for 2014.  And even though Cam played a single game (not two), we all felt it was one of his most memorable.  The Pirates team was down a couple of players so our boy had an opportunity to clear all of the bases while the crowd cheered him on, chanting his name!  He flashed that winning smile as he crossed home plate.  After the game, each player was presented with a medal which Cam was super excited to show off. As a send-off for the season, each team member picked out a pumpkin and was given a handmade quilt from a community member.

To continue with the winning day, Cameron's favorite buddy Emma stopped by for one their repeated activities, playing school.  There is a system to setting up the school and going through the checklist. And there is real learning going on here with Q&A time, math and reading.  Of course, snack time is built into the agenda as well.

Speaking of snacking, Auntie Ronda stopped by this week to make banana bread with Cam.  It was a most delicious batch, especially with the mini chocolate chips added throughout.

During the baking process, we thought it might be fun to have a little dance party in the kitchen!
Not everyone can dance on the countertop, but Cam thinks it rocks!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Husky Hike & Hiding - Week of Sept. 29th

Our beautiful fall mum
from 'Auntie' Karen
While most people tend to require extra sleep when a cold or virus hits, Cam feels the need to endure interrupted sleep through the night.
Amazingly, though, even when ill, Cameron puts on a happy face during the day and continues to push through.
With so many kids out sick this time of year, Cam took a couple of days and stayed home and felt ready and rested enough to head back to the classroom on Wednesday.
Chris and his boy proudly hung a homemade pine cone bird feeder that Cam made at school.  The birds found it quickly and we enjoyed seeing them pick away at the seeds.
On Friday, the annual Husky Hike took place at the elementary school. Every student received an official t-shirt to commemorate the event.
Kelsey and Cam had fun doing some homework that afternoon.

With the cold virus exiting the Weatherford household, we were thankful buddy Emma could head over for some playtime on the weekend.

One of Cam's all-time favorite activities is still hiding.  He loves the thrill of finding a great spot and 'scaring' his seeker when found.
Of course, sometimes the silliness of it all provides the giggling and laughter we love to hear.

Bill Cosby once said, "Laughter brings out the child in all of us."

In our home, there isn't a day that goes by without laughter and we will be forever grateful to Cam for that daily gift!