Sunday, June 30, 2013

No More Tonsils & Adenoids - Week of June 24th

Ear infections have been quite frequent for Cameron in the last few years.  He was referred to an ENT (Ears, Nose, Throat) specialist a few months ago who checked Cam's adenoids and tonsils.  The specialist found that both of them were quite large and may be causing the ear issues.  Surgery was scheduled for June 24th.
The day of surgery, Cam couldn't eat anything and could only drink some water a couple of hours before the procedure.  Surprisingly, he was very cooperative about the entire ordeal.  Because they had to give Cameron anesthesia, we asked him which parent he wanted with him and he chose Dad (although he did say Mom first, but ended up saying Dad in the end...)
Cam with his get-well gifts
The surgery itself only lasted about 30 minutes!  Cam's specialist wanted him to spend the night at the hospital (with his parents) just to be certain he was doing alright before going home.  Cameron was a bit upset after waking up, due to his throat hurting so much, but after a few hours, he wanted to try to eat.
Staying in the hospital was much more fun with visits from cousins Coco and Libby as well as Katherine and Paul, Ann and Molly.
In his first week of recovery, Cam was pretty impressive.  Ready to try crackers and mac-n-cheese the first day he was home, he stayed hydrated and took all of his medicine without complaint.  While in the hospital, one of our star patient's nurses had told us that the medicine he had to take every 4 hours tasted absolutely awful.  Although his facial expressions told the story of how badly it tasted, he really was a champ about taking his meds.

Ms. Kathy and Cam with get-well cards
To help in recovery, Cameron received quite a few gifts including Curious George activity books, lots of books to read, and a Curious George beach discovery set and magnets.  Cam also had a very special visitor- his teacher from school, Ms. Kathy!!  She brought get well cards that each of Cam's classmates made and a book that all of the teachers from Cam's Wellerwood School had signed...his very first yearbook!

Later that same day, Cameron played the role of supervisor for homemade strawberry jam making.  We do hope it lasts through most of winter!  A huge thanks to Katherine and Ann for all of the heavy lifting with the strawberry goodness.
Cam sends a big thanks for the unexpected get well gifts from Oma and Opa, Aunt Joyce and Uncle Joe, and Cam's bus driver- Ms. Marci.  We also couldn't have made it through recovery without Katherine and the Raisch girls!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mighty Machines - Week of June 17th

Cameron, like most five-year-old boys, is quite intrigued by construction trucks.  Early one morning, the trucks could be seen on Cam's street working on the pavement.  Chris pointed out what all of the different machines were doing.
Katherine's mom, Ann, thought Cam may want to watch the vehicles continue their jobs as the two of them viewed from the porch swing.
This week, while Cam's nanny Katherine, volunteered at a muscular dystrophy
camp, her family pitched in to take care of Cam while Jane worked.

Miss Ann, actually "discovered" a new favorite show for the big boy called "Mighty Machines" which depicts real-life video of all kinds of large machines in their native roles.  A narrator is heard in the background talking about what the machine does and how its "mightiness" helps it complete an important job.

Cam was back at Wellerwood School for just four days of summer school.  Cam played with his classmates and enjoyed a game of "hide-n-seek" although his teacher, Ms. Kathy said he likes to "peek" as shown here.

On Saturday, the family drove to see Oma and Opa on a beautiful sunny day.  After a trek down the beach in CamMobile, we stopped to play in the sand.  Chris dug a large hole and Cam wanted to put his feet in it.  He then proceeded to bury his own feet!

Although Lake Michigan is a bit too chilly for swimming just yet, Cameron was so sandy, his Dad had to dip him in the lake just a little.  We are looking forward to many more beach days with Cam's Grandma!

On Sunday, Chris, Jane and Cam all spent the afternoon with good friends Matt, Betsy, Liam and baby David.  We dined together and then chatted in Liam's backyard where there was a kiddie pool all set for the buddies to splash around in.  Betsy made a most delicious strawberry pie and it tasted so good, eating our dessert outside under a shade tree.
Although we don't see our friends nearly enough, the time always speeds by when we're together.  The best part of friendship, whether with children or adults, is that there's always a "next time" to plan!
Happy Splashing everyone!!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Forts & Father's Day - Week of June 10th

Summer Break to most kids defines the ultimate play time.  And this week, Cam and his buddies- Emma, Megan and Sarah made perfect use of their afternoon with Katherine.  Do you remember when you created your very first fort?  Maybe you used couch cushions and pillows; blankets or sheets were a must.

Downstairs our fort architects were busy creating the ultimate "cave" area using as its support system~ barstools, a vacuum cleaner, a swiffer mop and toy hamper.  Enveloping the entire dome was every blanket that could be found in the general vicinity!

After some serious planning time in Fort HQ, the decision was made to do some baking, drawing, and gaming.  Megan did a great job helping Cam steer his car on the Wii and Emma and Cameron made some great pictures in the sunroom.

On Friday, Cam wished Opa a Happy Father's Day in person and had fun hanging out with him.

On Sunday, the actual Dad's Day, Cam and Jane made certain Chris slept in a little bit.  The anxious boy couldn't wait for his Dad to open his presents, or rather, "help" his Dad open his presents.

After a relaxing day, it was time for some serious relaxation outside.  The hammock the boys are lounging in came all the way from Brazil, given to us by "Auntie" Ronda.  It is a beautiful hand-woven material that fits perfectly between two trees right by the deck, as if they were placed there for that purpose.

Jane's message to Chris on Father's Day: To my amazing hubby on a day reserved for dads...most kids would say their Dad is their hero. For our son, you have invented (CamMobile), fabricated and modified countless items to help in his development...while some kids have a hero, our son has a who wears the cape effortlessly and is the most humble man ever! Love you so very much.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

CLC & Jane's Birthday - Week of June 3rd

Liam & Cam- buddies for life!
Cameron spent the last 4 weeks attending CLC- Conductive Learning Center, here in Grand Rapids.  It is the only center in the U.S. that is a direct transplant of the original center in Hungary.
Katherine & Cam at CLC picnic
Conductive Education was developed in 1945 in Hungary by Dr. Andras Peto.
Peto theorized that people with challenges are characterized by disintegrated function. His theory was that this may be overcome, and that coordinated functioning can be developed through an indirect cognitive route involving teaching and learning. The rehabilitative plan should be produced for the person, not for the function. The plan is not symptoms centered but focused on the personality.  One of Cam's school buddies, Liam, attends CLC and they were fortunate enough to be in the same class!  It was a productive session for Cam and once again, we met people that have affected our lives in a very positive way.

On Sunday, Jane started out her birthday with a wonderful breakfast and present opening with her boys and Auntie Ronda.  A perfect start to a beautiful day.  Everyone then ventured up north to Oma and Opa's to celebrate. 

The customary Ryke's cake was devoured along with some delicious local ice cream.  Cam is a bigger fan of the ice cream, chocolate flavor to be exact, and couldn't get enough!  A long walk on the beach with Auntie Jo and Will made for a fun afternoon.  Aunts and Uncle and cousins rounded out the gathering.

Presents are a wonderful, special way to celebrate a person's birth. 
Jane does believe with all her heart, though, that her boys are the best present of all, and one that keeps on giving more and more every day.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Fishing for Girl Time - Week of May 27th

When Chris ventured out on a well-deserved fishing trip, Cameron had some quality time with his cousins, Coco and Libby.
In addition to some memorable singing and dancing, books and working with flash cards were also on the agenda.
Since Jane teaches at the local gym some evenings during the dinner hour, the girls kept Cam busy with cousin-bonding time.

Chris returned Thursday with a borrowed fishing boat that he parked in the driveway. 
Cam was a big helper for his Dad, holding the hose and helping wash the vessel. 
Looks like next time, Cam may want to tag along and try a little fishing himself.  Although the 9+ hours Chris spent on the lake each day may be a bit aggressive for a six-year-old.
Every week, we have to have a few shenanigans in the Weatherford household.  There truly isn't a day that goes by where you won't hear laughter in our home... whether by a tickle attack, a funny story, a made-up game, or some other spontaneous whim.

A day without laughter is a day wasted.
~Charlie Chaplin

Through humor, you can soften some of the worst blows that life delivers. And once you find laughter, no matter how painful your situation might be, you can survive it.
~Bill Cosby