Sunday, June 16, 2013

Forts & Father's Day - Week of June 10th

Summer Break to most kids defines the ultimate play time.  And this week, Cam and his buddies- Emma, Megan and Sarah made perfect use of their afternoon with Katherine.  Do you remember when you created your very first fort?  Maybe you used couch cushions and pillows; blankets or sheets were a must.

Downstairs our fort architects were busy creating the ultimate "cave" area using as its support system~ barstools, a vacuum cleaner, a swiffer mop and toy hamper.  Enveloping the entire dome was every blanket that could be found in the general vicinity!

After some serious planning time in Fort HQ, the decision was made to do some baking, drawing, and gaming.  Megan did a great job helping Cam steer his car on the Wii and Emma and Cameron made some great pictures in the sunroom.

On Friday, Cam wished Opa a Happy Father's Day in person and had fun hanging out with him.

On Sunday, the actual Dad's Day, Cam and Jane made certain Chris slept in a little bit.  The anxious boy couldn't wait for his Dad to open his presents, or rather, "help" his Dad open his presents.

After a relaxing day, it was time for some serious relaxation outside.  The hammock the boys are lounging in came all the way from Brazil, given to us by "Auntie" Ronda.  It is a beautiful hand-woven material that fits perfectly between two trees right by the deck, as if they were placed there for that purpose.

Jane's message to Chris on Father's Day: To my amazing hubby on a day reserved for dads...most kids would say their Dad is their hero. For our son, you have invented (CamMobile), fabricated and modified countless items to help in his development...while some kids have a hero, our son has a who wears the cape effortlessly and is the most humble man ever! Love you so very much.

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