Sunday, May 26, 2013

First Cottage Weekend 2013 - Week of May 20th

"Most people see what is, and never see what can be.."
~ Albert Einstein

Before heading to the beach for the holiday
weekend, Cam and Jane both "worked" at Grand Valley this week.

Kayla, Luke, Abby, Justin & Cam

Jane gave a short presentation to the grad students about Cameron and his PT experience.  Cam met with a group of students on Friday to "teach" them how to be better physical therapists.  It definitely isn't all work, and there's always some silliness.  Since the crew all knew how much Cam liked Curious George, the students gave their best "monkey face" impressions!

Cameron and his parents were very excited to make their way to Cam's grandparents house on Lake Michigan.  Even though there wasn't a heat wave on the beach, it was warm enough for some long treks along the big lake.
The "CamMobile" (designed and built by Cam's Dad) made its 2013 debut on the shores of the lake.  Cam pointed out every log along the way and at each log we had to leave the letters C-A-M to show that Cameron had indeed followed this route.

Cam wanted to go into the water, but we convinced him it was a bit too cold for that.  He did settle for walking through the creek, which was definitely chilly enough.

Cam & Harry
On Sunday, the family ventured over to Aunt Mary's cottage to attend a beautiful wedding shower given for cousin Annie who will be married in July.  Cam had big laughs hanging out with his cousins.  Cousin Harry sat with Cameron to read him some excerpts from the year in sports.  Cam was quite interested and Harry's mom indicated that no one else she knew would sit and listen to Harry for that long.

Grandma and Grandpa had plenty of playtime with their grandson and the family greatly enjoyed the peaceful walks and delicious meals.  A big thanks to Oma and Opa for a wonderful weekend!   Tradition holds that this holiday weekend is the unofficial start of summer and we look forward to an abundance of upcoming trips to Lake Michigan!

Sunday, May 19, 2013 Michigan?? - Week of May 13th

"Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you..."

Maybe because Cameron wore eye glasses at a young age, he had an aversion to sunglasses before this year.  However, we were quite excited to see that this sunny season, Cam was ready for a pair of shades.  He actually picked out two pairs that suited his taste.  Now that he's gotten so many compliments, he wants them on every time he gets in the car or is outside in the sunshine.

Cam had his first official "working" ride on the new lawnmower.  He rode with Chris for over 40 minutes mowing the front and back yard.  Cam's Dad gave him the headphones to wear because it's actually quite loud!

The unseasonably warmer weather continued throughout the week.  Cousin Libby went with Jane and Cam to check out the Meadow Brook Elementary playground.  Since this will be Cameron's school in the fall, we thought it would be fun to see what his favorite outdoor activities would be there.

Libby and Jane were a bit surprised to find that Cam's preferred choice were the "saucers" that you sit inside of.  Of course, he had to check out both of them in case one was different from the other.  It did feel a little cooler inside the spaceship like structure versus the very sunny swings or slides.

Another riding adventure for Cameron was trying out his bike this year.  Last summer, he was still a bit too short to use the pedals effectively.   But, this year....those legs are getting some great exercise!!  When you come for a visit, you may see some road signs in our driveway and a very happy biker!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Day for Moms - Week of May 6th

Delivery from Auntie Ronda!

Ashley, Peter, Marcie & Cam
Cameron kept himself busy in
preparation for Mother's Day.

Each week, Cam's Advanced PT students at GVSU keep him working on activities.  During a quick break, Ms. Ashley showed Cam her ukelele.  He really liked playing a tune!

Chris had Cam try out the new riding mower.  He decided Cam isn't quite ready to mow the lawn solo, seeing as how his feet don't reach the pedals yet.  But one day, father and son may be flipping a coin to see who wins to complete this chore.

As the person blessed to be Cameron's Mom, it is fun to have a special day reserved for mothers.  And what a day it was!  Chris and Cam woke up before Jane (and graciously told her to sleep in), and quietly drove to one of our favorite breakfast places, Sundance, to pick up our morning meal.  They also stopped at one of Jane's guiltiest pleasures, Starbucks, for a delicious coffee.  When Cam's mom walked in the kitchen to greet her boys, there was a scrumptious breakfast, coffee, and presents!
Water Dancing Speakers

Cam was very excited to have his Mom open presents- he had picked out a sweet smelling candle and both he and Chris gave Jane the coolest speakers ever...

Cousins Coco and Libby joined the family and Oma and Opa to go out for a very late lunch at Carraba's.  Call-ahead-seating seemed like a great idea at the time...however, after a 45-minute wait, we weren't too sure.  Cam was such a trooper waiting in the very crowded restaurant!  Chris was trying to explain the finer points of selecting wine when we were finally called to a table.  The delicious food and great company made our Mother's Day meal so enjoyable- many thanks to Grandma and Grandpa, Coco and Libby for making the day so very special.
Cameron is blessed to have many "moms" in his life and we celebrate you all!

 "God could not be everywhere, and therefore He made mothers."   ~ Jewish proverb  
"At its best, motherhood is a communal project.  It takes a village, sometimes several villages, indeed."  ~Edwidge Danticat
 (Excerpts from the book "Mom Candy"- given to Jane by Auntie Karen)

Sunday, May 5, 2013

One Door Closes, Another One Opens - Week of Apr. 29th

On May 1st, Cameron had to say goodbye to some of his classmates at school.  Due to federal funding, the Head Start program ended on Wednesday.  Cam made some great friends this year and he wanted to give them something at school.  At Party City, he picked out sand buckets and bouncy balls to give the kids and he colored a card for each one.

On Wednesday at school, Ms. Kathy told us that Cam picked out the color of bucket for each classmate, remembering favorite colors of a particular friend and also giving stickers to each one.  He wore his "tie T-shirt" and looked very handsome!
He'll certainly miss his classmates, but he is still attending Wellerwood at different times throughout the summer and has already made some new friends!

On Friday, Cam attended his first official graduation!  The family drove to Lansing to watch Katherine and her Mom, Ann, receive their Master's Degrees!   This boy was so excited to see his Katherine and Ann walk across the stage.  After the ceremony, celebratory pictures outdoors in the beautiful weather were a must, followed by a tasty dinner out.

On Saturday, we didn't want the fun to end, so Katherine and her boyfriend, Paul, Ms. Ann, sister Molly, sweet friend, Lily, and Gordy all gathered at Cam's house to have a tasty lunch on the deck.  After feeling full, it was time to play some games.  Headbands was a crowd pleaser and even Cam thought the game was pretty cool.  However, when neighbor, Emma showed up play with Cameron, the best game ever couldn't keep him with the adults...

A big congratulations to Katherine, Ann and our sweet Coco for graduating this weekend!!

Doors close every day and new ones always open- it's the attitude we have accepting each change that makes all the difference.

I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples. ~ Mother Teresa