Sunday, May 26, 2013

First Cottage Weekend 2013 - Week of May 20th

"Most people see what is, and never see what can be.."
~ Albert Einstein

Before heading to the beach for the holiday
weekend, Cam and Jane both "worked" at Grand Valley this week.

Kayla, Luke, Abby, Justin & Cam

Jane gave a short presentation to the grad students about Cameron and his PT experience.  Cam met with a group of students on Friday to "teach" them how to be better physical therapists.  It definitely isn't all work, and there's always some silliness.  Since the crew all knew how much Cam liked Curious George, the students gave their best "monkey face" impressions!

Cameron and his parents were very excited to make their way to Cam's grandparents house on Lake Michigan.  Even though there wasn't a heat wave on the beach, it was warm enough for some long treks along the big lake.
The "CamMobile" (designed and built by Cam's Dad) made its 2013 debut on the shores of the lake.  Cam pointed out every log along the way and at each log we had to leave the letters C-A-M to show that Cameron had indeed followed this route.

Cam wanted to go into the water, but we convinced him it was a bit too cold for that.  He did settle for walking through the creek, which was definitely chilly enough.

Cam & Harry
On Sunday, the family ventured over to Aunt Mary's cottage to attend a beautiful wedding shower given for cousin Annie who will be married in July.  Cam had big laughs hanging out with his cousins.  Cousin Harry sat with Cameron to read him some excerpts from the year in sports.  Cam was quite interested and Harry's mom indicated that no one else she knew would sit and listen to Harry for that long.

Grandma and Grandpa had plenty of playtime with their grandson and the family greatly enjoyed the peaceful walks and delicious meals.  A big thanks to Oma and Opa for a wonderful weekend!   Tradition holds that this holiday weekend is the unofficial start of summer and we look forward to an abundance of upcoming trips to Lake Michigan!

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