Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Helper - Week of Oct. 21st

Michigan Sunrise- view from our front door
"We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone." ~Ronald Reagan

Life lessons...some are taught by example, others by repetition, and few are simply inherent.
Helping is certainly a lesson taught by showing someone how to help and watching others help, but also may be a trait that is instinctive.

Cameron requests, on a daily basis, to help his parents in some way.

Cam helps Jane every week at the grocery store- finding the items they need, helping direct around the store, and of course, happily accepting a free cookie at the bakery.

This past week, Cam and Chris have been busy, every evening, working diligently in the garage. It has been temporarily transformed into the October workshop area.  In preparation for Halloween, Cameron has been assisting his Dad with the ultimate "costume" for 2013.  It begins as an idea and any visitor passing by would see pieces of wood, nails, screws and many, many power tools.
A special visit from Oma and Opa gave Cam the opportunity to show off the results of the father/son team creation thus far.

As Cameron completed another week of helping, we have to give a hearty thanks for all of YOU reading this blog and continuing to help us find the words each week...this past week, Cam's blog passed the 20,000 views mark!!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fall Photo Shoot - Week of Oct. 14th

Have you ever met a "bucket filler?"  Are you a bucket filler?  Cameron fills buckets every day...with his smile, laughter, words, and actions.  Chris and Jane have realized more and more that their lives and Cam's are surrounded by bucket fillers.

Many Thanks to Katherine for taking some amazing fall photos of our family!  And a big thanks to Katie for taking Cam to the apple orchard for a class field trip.  You are both extraordinary bucket fillers!

What is the "bucket"?
The bucket represents your mental and emotional self.

How do you feel when your bucket is full? When your bucket is full, you feel more confident, secure, calm, patient, and friendly. Your thoughts are positive and you expect positive results. When your bucket is overflowing, you experience an intense happiness that can spread to those around you. Have you ever felt better after someone gave you a friendly smile or happy grin? This is the "ripple effect" of a full bucket.

How do you feel when your bucket is empty? When your bucket is empty, it contains few, if any, positive thoughts or feelings. When your bucket is empty you can easily become sad, negative, insecure, nervous, angry, depressed, stressed, worried, afraid, or physically ill. When you experience any of these feelings, it's easy to believe that life is too challenging and that nothing you attempt will be successful. An empty bucket can affect your behavior and cause you to express your emotions in a way that empties the buckets of those around you. What affects the level of happiness in your bucket? Negative life events. The careless or even cruel words and behavior of others can also affect the level of happiness in your bucket. It's important to know that you are responsible for what you choose to think and when your thoughts are positive and healthy, your bucket levels will reflect it.

What is Bucket Filling? Actions or words that show that you care about someone. Saying or doing something kind. Giving someone a heartfelt smile. Using names with respect. Helping without being asked. Giving sincere compliments. Showing respect to others. There are hundreds of wonderful ways to fill buckets. The language of bucket filling has become synonymous with being kind and thoughtful. Your bucket will be filled when, at the close of each day, you reflect on the ways in which you have filled buckets.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

A New Knee for Oma, a New Friend for Cam - Week of Oct. 7th

Cameron has seen his Oma (Jane's Mom) nearly every week since he was born.  Oma has driven in to spend every Friday with Cam and it seems that each week, Cameron begins asking about Oma's visit, oh... around Monday!
A beautiful fall day on Lake Michigan

Since our family has been busy with activities, including travel, the weekly visit has been sidelined.
And, as it turns out, Oma needed a knee replacement and scheduled it for the beginning of October. Cam and his parents drove up north to prove to Cameron that we weren't keeping him away from his Grandma on purpose.

The most interesting part of the visit for Cam was checking out Grandma's ice machine for her knee.  He had to have his knee elevated as well and try out Oma's cool contraption.  We were all quite impressed with her progress!
Even though Cam's buddy couldn't play on the floor with him like she normally does, he was perfectly content playing with blocks on the couch and reading books with Oma.  After all, sometimes the best moments are based upon those we are with versus what we are doing.

Cam has been quite busy making friends at his new school and was excited to receive a birthday party invite from one of those new friends, Gracie.
Cam & birthday girl, Gracie
Gracie's birthday party was held at Gymco, an indoor gymnastics arena for kids.  Not only did Chris and Jane meet some of Cam's friends from school, but they also met many of the parents.

A favorite activity to try out was jumping on the multiple ground level trampolines, some of which had plastic balls scattered around.
 Although we took quite a few pictures of the fun, most were quite blurry due all of the movement!

As it turns out, we're not quite sure if you walked in on the birthday scene, if you'd be able to determine who was having the most fun- Cam, Chris or Jane!  Cam's parents sure do hope they're invited to the next kid party!!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Cam: Head of Household - Week of Sept. 30th

It was another whirlwind week in the Weatherford household.  Chris and Jane were heading off to Florida for a second wedding weekend!  This time, Cameron stayed home and his good buddies, Katherine and Ann graciously offered to hang out with one of their favorite boys.

A trip out to Robinette's was on the agenda and as you can see, Cam was quite anxious to get inside to get the donuts!  Chris & Jane were able to Facetime with Cam to chat via video.  Although the Michigan weather was a little grey, Cameron was cheerful and sunny every time he talked to his Mom and Dad.  On Sunday, Katherine and Ann ventured downtown to the Grand Rapids Indoor Market where Cam enjoyed some treats and seeing all of the sights.
Great Friends @ a Great Wedding!
The biggest surprise for Cam's parents was the welcoming committee they received at the Grand Rapids airport on Sunday evening!  As they walked past security, there was Cam, Ann, Katherine & Paul holding signs up for all to see. Chris and Jane felt incredibly special and happy to be home!!  Everyone dined together and we realized, once again, how blessed we are to have all of these people in our lives and we're so very thankful for Katherine and Ann.

Cameron had a sweet surprise in the mail this week- a package from Grandma Sue!  A handmade wood-carved Noah's Ark, complete with two of each animal and an awesome car blanket made by Grandma Sue herself!  

We couldn't be more proud of Cam these past two weeks with all of the activity and taking things in stride.  We were honored this week to witness an intimate wedding with two special people, surrounded by close friends and family.  We are humbled by the love of our own family and friends.  And we are renewed by being a part of it all.