Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Helper - Week of Oct. 21st

Michigan Sunrise- view from our front door
"We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone." ~Ronald Reagan

Life lessons...some are taught by example, others by repetition, and few are simply inherent.
Helping is certainly a lesson taught by showing someone how to help and watching others help, but also may be a trait that is instinctive.

Cameron requests, on a daily basis, to help his parents in some way.

Cam helps Jane every week at the grocery store- finding the items they need, helping direct around the store, and of course, happily accepting a free cookie at the bakery.

This past week, Cam and Chris have been busy, every evening, working diligently in the garage. It has been temporarily transformed into the October workshop area.  In preparation for Halloween, Cameron has been assisting his Dad with the ultimate "costume" for 2013.  It begins as an idea and any visitor passing by would see pieces of wood, nails, screws and many, many power tools.
A special visit from Oma and Opa gave Cam the opportunity to show off the results of the father/son team creation thus far.

As Cameron completed another week of helping, we have to give a hearty thanks for all of YOU reading this blog and continuing to help us find the words each week...this past week, Cam's blog passed the 20,000 views mark!!

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