Sunday, July 25, 2010

Neighborhood Ice Cream Contest! - Week of July 19th

The Windcrest neighborhood where Cameron lives should be voted one of the best in the country! For the third year in a row, some families gathered for a homemade ice cream taste-test competition.

The three entries included: Scrumptious S'Mores (made by Chris & Cam), Cookies & Creme-a-licious, and Georgia Peach. By a single vote, Scrumptious S'Mores won the grand prize!!! (a very cool ice cream scooper) Cam had lots of fun playing with the neighbor kids in the backyard after enjoying all of that delicious of his favorite activities is kicking the soccer ball to all of his buddies.

He did return to school this week after a two-week hiatus and definitely enjoyed getting back to his regular routine.
The weekend included another trip to the family cottage at the lake, where the weather has been picture perfect and the water as warm as any summer one can remember.
Cameron is pictured here with Grandma showing off his new U of M jersey given to him by the Krauss family. Could Cam be a future Wolverine?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Family Visitors and Cookouts- Week of July 12th

Grandma Suzanne and Patricia arrived for a visit to spend some time with Cameron, Chris and Jane. They brought Cam some adorable puppets to play with. The ladies had fun and were a bit surprised by our warm weather, considering they live in Arizona!

Social gatherings are definitely a favorite of Cameron's, especially in the summer. The Raisch girls joined the family for a picnic. Emma and Cam had a sticker contest, trying to get the most stickers on their clothes. It may have been a tie!

The weekend included a cookout with the Wordens and friends. Although the big John Deere tractor in their barn looked intimidating, Chris placed Cam right in the seat and he really liked it! The tractor did remain in the barn since Cameron doesn't have his driver's license yet.
After a fun-filled weekend, Cam is getting ready to head back to school next week after a two-week hiatus.
Let's hope he's just as excited heading back to his classmates and teachers as he has been about all of his extra activities!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Chris' Bday & Grandparents Cam-Sit - Week of July 5th

Cameron's visiting relatives were in full force this week! Cousin Steffanie arrived from Kentucky and couldn't wait to see Cam. They had a great visit with each other. Grandma & Grandpa then stayed with their grandson for two nights while Chris & Jane traveled to the cottage to enjoy some time together as well as with friends and family. Many thanks to Grandma & Grandpa for the house-swap and Cam-sitting!

Chris' birthday on Saturday included some delicious cake, beach time and a surprise present from Jane- a new gas grill. Cam helped his Dad open a few gifts, including a funny book from 'Auntie' Jo.

Sunday was a very special occasion for the entire family. Jane's godson, Will, was baptized and everyone enjoyed a brunch together afterwards.
Cameron certainly had a great time with his Dad playing 'hoops' in the church community room. The basketball hoop was just tall enough that Chris could get Cam over the rim to make a basket!
We were all honored to share such a special day with Joanne & her son, Will.
Stay tuned next week for Grandma Suzanne's visit...

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fireworks, Family, & Friends - Week of June 28th

It's hard to imagine a summer when it's been this warm in Michigan around the 4th of July! Cam and his parents spent a few days with family and friends at their cottage to enjoy the best company, warm water and beautiful weather...

Cameron could not get enough of Lake Michigan. He wasn't afraid of the waves and had so much fun playing in the water and at the creek. Many thanks to cousin Sam for snapping these cool photos of Chris, Jane, and Cam!

Grandma decided to give Chris an early birthday present- since it was so breezy, it seemed the perfect day to fly a kite!

A family gathering rounded out the weekend and it's obvious how much Cam loves his Aunt Gay.

The big boy also spent some quality time with cousin, Coco, and her sweet friend, Shelby. It definitely seemed that Cam was a little smitten with Shelby, as witnessed here.

Cameron was a bit nervous about seeing the fireworks, but surprisingly enough, actually slept through them when the neighbors provided an awesome light display over the weekend. Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July!