Sunday, July 25, 2010

Neighborhood Ice Cream Contest! - Week of July 19th

The Windcrest neighborhood where Cameron lives should be voted one of the best in the country! For the third year in a row, some families gathered for a homemade ice cream taste-test competition.

The three entries included: Scrumptious S'Mores (made by Chris & Cam), Cookies & Creme-a-licious, and Georgia Peach. By a single vote, Scrumptious S'Mores won the grand prize!!! (a very cool ice cream scooper) Cam had lots of fun playing with the neighbor kids in the backyard after enjoying all of that delicious of his favorite activities is kicking the soccer ball to all of his buddies.

He did return to school this week after a two-week hiatus and definitely enjoyed getting back to his regular routine.
The weekend included another trip to the family cottage at the lake, where the weather has been picture perfect and the water as warm as any summer one can remember.
Cameron is pictured here with Grandma showing off his new U of M jersey given to him by the Krauss family. Could Cam be a future Wolverine?

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