Sunday, May 30, 2010

Beach Buddies - Week of May 24th

It seems almost impossible that Michigan has experienced such beautiful weather all week long!

Cameron's bus rides are a non-event now as he is comfortable riding to school on the bus as well as riding home. Chris and Jane couldn't be more proud of their big boy!

Grandma & Grandpa stayed with their grandson Friday night while Chris and Jane ventured out to a concert. Many thanks to the awesome grandparents for Cam-sitting!

On Saturday, the entire family headed to the cottage on Lake Michigan to enjoy some beach time. 'Auntie' Jo and her son, Will joined in the fun by spending the day and night. The boys played on the beach and in the cottage. They had a great time hanging out together.

It was tough to decide which activity was their favorite- beach time or snack time.

Now that the unofficial start of summer has begun, Cameron and his parents look forward to many weekends on the lake with family and friends!
Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend...

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Playing with the Girls - Week of May 17th

Cameron is settling into his new routine nicely. When Jane dropped him off at school this week, he smiled and waved "bye" both days without being upset at all! The return of Cam's afternoon nap may also be contributing to that great morning mood.

A new word was added to Cameron's vocabulary this week- our next door neighbor, Emma. She and her sisters often visit Cam and this week Emma asked if she could use the camera. As you can see in the picture she took of Cam, her photo skills are quite good.

The warmer weather brought a new fan into the house in an attempt to hold off on starting the air conditioning. Packaging from the fan created a fun fort for Cam to play in. He and Chris had lots of fun trying to find each other and see if they could fit through the fort door.
Incidentally, the attempt to ward off the air conditioning turn-on failed...ninety degrees was too tough to take and Cam is certainly enjoying the cool house!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bus Ride & Big Fish - Week of May 10th

Cameron rode the school bus home twice this week! According to his bus driver, he thoroughly enjoyed the experience and didn't cry (or sleep) the entire hour ride home. Cam hasn't taken the bus on the ride to school, yet, but he will soon. Chris and Jane are so thankful that their big boy is having fun at school and liking the bus ride!

All of the neighbors are very engaging with Cam and one of his favorite activities is visiting with Ken & Mickey next door. Ken has a beautiful pond full of koi fish that provides a neighborhood aquarium for everyone to enjoy.

Cameron likes to look at the fish but we've told him that he's not allowed to swim with them...
He does get to swim in the hot tub, though. And many thanks to Annie for taking him in!

Cam definitely has some favorite toys that he plays with and most of those favorites make lots of noise! Pictured is his favorite truck that speeds forward and backwards after pressing a button. Parents beware that this gem was an under $5 buy from Meijers!

After a long day of work, the best medicine for Jane & Chris is to hang out with their boy and hear his laughter. It just might be the cure for anything that ails you!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

School Fun & Mom's Day- Week of May 3rd

Cameron has been adjusting well to school and enjoying all of the activities! The week was spent working on art activities, story time, music group, and hanging out with his new school buddies.
It certainly is strangely quiet around the house three mornings a week now for Jane, working from home.

Since Cam was lucky enough to receive two backpacks for preschool, he really loves to show them off. Pictured is the one that Auntie Jo, his wonderful godmother, gave him filled with all sorts of schooltime treats and necessities.

It seems that each and every week can bring on a new experience for Cam. This week being no exception, included a tasty corndog (not exactly the most nutricious dinner!) that Cameron thoroughly enoyed!

Jane and Grandma had a great Mother's Day by celebrating with Cameron, Chris, and Grandpa at the family cottage on Lake Michigan. It was a beautiful, brisk sunny day. Chris and Cam gave Jane a homemade Mother's Day card and a wireless photo card reader which Jane was very excited about! Best of all, Cam gave out lots of kisses and smiles and giggles!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Negative on Napping - Week of Apr. 26th

As Cameron settled into his second week of school, it became clear that he also decided he didn't need a nap anymore. Much to the surprise of his parents, nanny, grandma, and teachers, the big boy persevered through every day without any additional daytime rest required. Cam may be ready to give up his naps, but everyone else would've loved to see them last a bit longer...

Cam experienced school solo this week since Jane dropped him off and picked him up each day. Although he was a bit upset to see his Mom leave every day, his teachers said that he did indeed end up having fun with activities and playtime. When Jane saw him each day after school, she could tell he was a very happy boy. Cameron showed Grandma one of his playground favorites- the teeter-totter! Cam's first art project traveled home and Chris and Jane now have a lovely parsley plant to enjoy.

With all of this school time, there is no concern that Cam isn't getting enough play time at home...Chris always knows how to see things from a different perspective and everyone loves a yummy popsicle now and then!