Sunday, May 30, 2010

Beach Buddies - Week of May 24th

It seems almost impossible that Michigan has experienced such beautiful weather all week long!

Cameron's bus rides are a non-event now as he is comfortable riding to school on the bus as well as riding home. Chris and Jane couldn't be more proud of their big boy!

Grandma & Grandpa stayed with their grandson Friday night while Chris and Jane ventured out to a concert. Many thanks to the awesome grandparents for Cam-sitting!

On Saturday, the entire family headed to the cottage on Lake Michigan to enjoy some beach time. 'Auntie' Jo and her son, Will joined in the fun by spending the day and night. The boys played on the beach and in the cottage. They had a great time hanging out together.

It was tough to decide which activity was their favorite- beach time or snack time.

Now that the unofficial start of summer has begun, Cameron and his parents look forward to many weekends on the lake with family and friends!
Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend...

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