Sunday, March 30, 2008

Thanks Grandma! - Week of Mar. 24th

It's hard to believe that Cameron is over 7 months old now! He's looks so much older in his "big boy" clothes. This week his 'Big Sis' Lauren and 'Sweet Auntie' Andrea stopped by to see him on Tuesday. They had such a nice visit.

On Friday, Grandma Mary Ellen stayed later with Cameron so that Chris and Jane could go out for dinner with their friends across the street. Thanks Grandma!

Saturday was a big day for Cam- he tried his first taste of regular rice cereal with a spoon! It was such fun to see Cameron's reaction as his mouth investigated the new taste and texture. This also marked his first time in his high chair (from Jane's good friend 'Auntie' Mary) and he seemed to like it.

One of Cam's favorite 'games' is to giggle at his Daddy. Chris makes silly noises and Cameron just giggles away.

Chris and Jane are so thankful for Cam's continued good health and happy smiles!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Coco Visits - Week of Mar. 17th

What a busy week for Cameron! He had a very special visit from his cousin, Coco. She couldn't wait to meet Cam and she flew to Grand Rapids from New Jersey. They had such a fun time getting to know each other.
Cameron has continued his awesome sleeping pattern and has been averaging 7-8 hrs per night and a couple of naps during the day. He now drinks 7 oz before bed and about 6 oz when he wakes up and of course, quite a few in between. Chris and Jane are mixing in single grain cereal with 2 of his bottles.
On Friday, "Auntie Jo" Cam's godmother, stopped with an easter bunny and bunny book for Cameron. Then, with the surprise snowstorm, Cam's Grandma Mary Ellen had to stay in Grand Rapids and cousin Coco's return flight was canceled! The family ordered pizza and had a fun slumber party! Chris brought home some beautiful Easter bouquets.
On Easter Sunday, Grandma Mary Ellen & Grandpa Bill brought Easter baskets for everyone! For the very first time, Cameron accompanied his parents, grandparents and cousin Coco out for Easter Brunch at Marco's Restaurant. Cam received many compliments on his handsome outfit and good looks!! He was pretty tuckered out after such a busy day. Next year, he'll be hunting for some Easter eggs...

Happy Easter everyone!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Chris Away for Biz - Week of Mar. 10th

This week was the first time that Chris had to be away from his baby boy for 2 nights. Jane & Cam missed him very much. Neither Chris, Jane or Cam slept very well when they were away from each other. But, Cameron has continued his sleeping trend (for the most part) and now averages 7-8 hours per night!

On Thursday, Cameron had his last RSV vaccine shot and weighed in at 15 & 1/2 lbs! Way to go Cam!! Jane doesn't think he will miss those shots at all. Chris & Jane are so thankful for the vaccine as Cam hasn't been sick even once since he's been home.

Grandma Mary Ellen came to stay overnight on Thursday to help out Jane and to visit with her precious grandson a little more this week. On Friday, she and Jane took Cameron out in the sunshine for a walk in his stroller. The sun felt so warm and Cam couldn't believe how bright it was! Grandma was such a big help, as always.

On Saturday, Cameron had a very special visit from his "Auntie" Amanda. Amanda spent so much time with Jane in the hospital to watch over Cameron when he was first born. She was very surprised to see how much he had grown since she had last seen him. On Sunday, Dr. Amanda gave Cam his very first eye exam... and he passed. Thanks so much Auntie Amanda!

Here's hoping everyone sees lots of sunshine this week!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

7 Hours Straight - Week of Mar. 3rd

Cameron gave Chris and Jane a big surprise this week on Thursday night and Saturday night....he slept for an entire 7 hours straight! It was very exciting and restful. On Saturday evening, Cameron drank a whole 7 ounces! Way to go Cam!

Chris and Jane invested in an HD video camera to start recording Cameron's cutest moments. Of course, he doesn't always want to "perform" on cue, but neither does the cat, Stella, so they are definitely in on it together. Luckily, Chris set up a tripod so the taping is ready to go at any time.

Cameron is just starting to laugh and imagine his Grandma Mary Ellen's surprise on Friday when she heard him laughing in his crib. When she went in to get Cam out of his crib, he was laughing
at his reflection in the mirror. Chris & Jane laugh so much when Cameron starts to giggle. It is truly infectious.

Chris, Jane, & Cam hope your week is filled with smiles, giggles and restful sleep...

Sunday, March 2, 2008

6 Month Checkup - Week of Feb. 25th

What a big week for Cameron! His 6-month checkup was on Monday. The growing boy weighed in at 14 & 1/2 lbs! He endured 4 immunization shots and afterwards as Jane was holding him, he seemed to look around the doctor's office as if to memorize its contents so as not to forget if his parents bring him back here again! Grandma Mary Ellen accompanied Jane and Cameron and as always, was such a big help.

Cam is practicing making many new sounds. His favorites seem to be "gee", "gah" and "ahhh" and sometimes he says them loudly as if trying to make a point or maybe he's just trying to bring attention to himself.

Cameron is seen in this picture wearing his "First Phillies Tee" given to him by his special Uncle Joe, who may possibly be the biggest Philles fan ever. He has promised Cameron that one day he will take him to a Phillies game. He most certainly will help Chris teach Cam the fine points of baseball.

Cameron's godparents, Auntie Jo and Uncle Chris, stopped over Friday evening for dinner and to say hi to their godson. Chris and Jane are very excited for them as they are expecting and plan to bring Cameron's future playmate into this world sometime this fall!! Congrats Jo & Chris! Cam's godfather and Chris are already making plans for their kids to
attend U of M...