Sunday, March 30, 2008

Thanks Grandma! - Week of Mar. 24th

It's hard to believe that Cameron is over 7 months old now! He's looks so much older in his "big boy" clothes. This week his 'Big Sis' Lauren and 'Sweet Auntie' Andrea stopped by to see him on Tuesday. They had such a nice visit.

On Friday, Grandma Mary Ellen stayed later with Cameron so that Chris and Jane could go out for dinner with their friends across the street. Thanks Grandma!

Saturday was a big day for Cam- he tried his first taste of regular rice cereal with a spoon! It was such fun to see Cameron's reaction as his mouth investigated the new taste and texture. This also marked his first time in his high chair (from Jane's good friend 'Auntie' Mary) and he seemed to like it.

One of Cam's favorite 'games' is to giggle at his Daddy. Chris makes silly noises and Cameron just giggles away.

Chris and Jane are so thankful for Cam's continued good health and happy smiles!

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