Sunday, March 2, 2008

6 Month Checkup - Week of Feb. 25th

What a big week for Cameron! His 6-month checkup was on Monday. The growing boy weighed in at 14 & 1/2 lbs! He endured 4 immunization shots and afterwards as Jane was holding him, he seemed to look around the doctor's office as if to memorize its contents so as not to forget if his parents bring him back here again! Grandma Mary Ellen accompanied Jane and Cameron and as always, was such a big help.

Cam is practicing making many new sounds. His favorites seem to be "gee", "gah" and "ahhh" and sometimes he says them loudly as if trying to make a point or maybe he's just trying to bring attention to himself.

Cameron is seen in this picture wearing his "First Phillies Tee" given to him by his special Uncle Joe, who may possibly be the biggest Philles fan ever. He has promised Cameron that one day he will take him to a Phillies game. He most certainly will help Chris teach Cam the fine points of baseball.

Cameron's godparents, Auntie Jo and Uncle Chris, stopped over Friday evening for dinner and to say hi to their godson. Chris and Jane are very excited for them as they are expecting and plan to bring Cameron's future playmate into this world sometime this fall!! Congrats Jo & Chris! Cam's godfather and Chris are already making plans for their kids to
attend U of M...

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