Sunday, November 24, 2013

Traditions - Week of Nov. 18th

We can't pinpoint the date we started it, but when Cameron was a toddler we began hiding his favorite Elmo toy before bedtime and he'd have to find it.  
The places of concealment varied greatly, but the reward was Cam's reaction when the discovery was made!  So, most evenings, Chris or Jane (mostly Chris) figures out new places to conceal Elmo and also Curious George.
This week, Chris truly outdid himself when he expertly perched the stuffed animals outside of Cameron's window with a spotlight on the pair.  We should have captured video of one proud boy for discovering the surprise behind his window- the laughter certainly was heard in the entire neighborhood! Sometimes a tradition never grows old.

Each year about this time we begin to gather pictures for the family Christmas card.  Oma and Opa paid a special visit over the weekend. Cam's grandparents went to the Grand Rapids Indoor Market with him and Jane to eat lunch and browse the different vendor areas.  When the family returned, it was the perfect chance to set up a mini photo shoot.  Much to everyone's surprise, Chris and Cam had fun clowning around pretending to be thinkers and saying "hmmm" while deep in thought.
Rounding out the weekend was a trip to the barbershop for Cameron.  He's come a long way since being very nervous about the clippers and haircuts in general.  Now, he looks like a pro and loves to have his stylist, Amelia, put "product" in his hair.

Traditions, like hobbies, come and go, but there are certain ones we hope stick around for quite some time to come.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Train for Two - Week of Nov. 11th

By the time the weekend rolls around, most everyone is ready for a break from the daily grind.
Most Saturday mornings, Cam asks if his buddy, Emma, can come over a visit.  On this particular day, a collapsible Thomas the Train fort was ready for occupancy!
In the past, a small Elmo tent was frequently used for play but it became apparent that it could only comfortably accommodate a single kid.  The "train" was definitely intended for two or more children.  Emma and Cam were quite pleased that they could stretch out and both have room to sit.
However, it turns out that when Cameron and his buddy were done with the locomotive fort, another passenger couldn't wait to try it out! Stella, the cat, now considers herself a part-time conductor of sorts, spending quiet time in the tent, but only when the kids are not in it.

On Sunday, a strange spring-like storm arrived in West Michigan with sheets of rain and very strong winds.  
Luckily, the weather let up by late afternoon so Cam, Chris, and Jane could travel a few minutes across town to celebrate Molly's birthday with Katherine, Ann and Gordy.
 After a delicious dinner, a chocolate cake was presented with candles.  Molly asked her buddy, Cam, to help blow them out!  He happily accepted the challenge and gladly tried the delectable dessert.
An unexpected surprise arrived in the mail this week- we were expecting the invitation to the annual Mary Free Bed holiday party, but were quite surprised by the photo that ended up being used for the invites...look closely...and you just might see one of the most photogenic boys we know!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

I Lost my First Tooth (finally!) - Week of Nov.4th

In this pocket you will find, A teensy, tiny tooth of mine. So while I sleep where dreams are made, Let's see if you can make a trade. ~Author Unknown

Milestones and the timeframes that accompany them sometimes go unnoticed.  When a first tooth comes out, though, the post effect can't help but draw others to take notice.

Hole= bottom right
This was a week for fighting off sickness in the Weatherford household.  Jane was sick most of the week while Chris stayed relatively healthy and Cameron ended up with an ear infection.  So, when Cam's incredibly loose tooth fell out before bedtime on Wednesday, it was cause for celebration!  It's difficult to place a tooth under a pillow when one doesn't sleep with a pillow.  However, Cameron has some stuffed animals in bed and it just so happens that Elmo has a pocket- the perfect place for the tooth fairy to find a tooth!  When Cam woke up the next morning, he quickly checked the pocket on Elmo and found 3 quarters...which he promptly placed in his piggy bank.

On Saturday, Cam's nanny, Katie, took him on a field trip to play with her family dog, Oliver.  It seems that Oliver is just the right size pup for Cameron.
Not only did he enjoy playing ball with Oliver, Cam also had fun giving him treats and petting his super soft fur coat.

As we feel a chill in the air and winter closing in, it's good to have our nice cozy blankets...since we don't have an Oliver...

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween 2013 "CamTank" - Week of Oct 28th

After countless evenings working in the Weatherford garage, it began to take shape. From wooden slats placed on the floor and spray painted to wooden wheels on a track, the machine started to become a reality.
Chris and Cam had definitely outdone themselves this year with the one and only...
The Windcrest Crew

Of course, one can never predict the weather for Halloween and this proved a bit challenging with a forecast of rain- all day and all evening. On a positive note, a balmy 65 degrees was also in the plan.

In the afternoon, Jane was able to spend time with Cameron at school and join the all-school Halloween parade led by the school's principal!  Cam was dressed as a soldier and since his CamTank was a bit too large to fit through the school doors, only his actual costume was a part of the parade.

Trick-or-treating on the Windcrest street was the highlight of Cam's day.  Finally, he was able to show off and drive the CamTank!  Because the tank was so large, Jane & Chris wondered if Cam would still enjoy driving it.  It was a bit jerky, but the soldier battled through the wet terrain and mastered his tank maneuvers.
Although it was a very wet evening, all of the kids and adults had a great time!  A big thanks to "Auntie" Roe and her niece Rachel for being a part of Cam's platoon with us.

Once again, Chris has designed and engineered an idea from scratch and made it come to life with Cam's expert assistance.

Hope your Halloween was filled with lots of goodies, giggles, and grins!