Sunday, November 10, 2013

I Lost my First Tooth (finally!) - Week of Nov.4th

In this pocket you will find, A teensy, tiny tooth of mine. So while I sleep where dreams are made, Let's see if you can make a trade. ~Author Unknown

Milestones and the timeframes that accompany them sometimes go unnoticed.  When a first tooth comes out, though, the post effect can't help but draw others to take notice.

Hole= bottom right
This was a week for fighting off sickness in the Weatherford household.  Jane was sick most of the week while Chris stayed relatively healthy and Cameron ended up with an ear infection.  So, when Cam's incredibly loose tooth fell out before bedtime on Wednesday, it was cause for celebration!  It's difficult to place a tooth under a pillow when one doesn't sleep with a pillow.  However, Cameron has some stuffed animals in bed and it just so happens that Elmo has a pocket- the perfect place for the tooth fairy to find a tooth!  When Cam woke up the next morning, he quickly checked the pocket on Elmo and found 3 quarters...which he promptly placed in his piggy bank.

On Saturday, Cam's nanny, Katie, took him on a field trip to play with her family dog, Oliver.  It seems that Oliver is just the right size pup for Cameron.
Not only did he enjoy playing ball with Oliver, Cam also had fun giving him treats and petting his super soft fur coat.

As we feel a chill in the air and winter closing in, it's good to have our nice cozy blankets...since we don't have an Oliver...

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