Sunday, November 17, 2013

Train for Two - Week of Nov. 11th

By the time the weekend rolls around, most everyone is ready for a break from the daily grind.
Most Saturday mornings, Cam asks if his buddy, Emma, can come over a visit.  On this particular day, a collapsible Thomas the Train fort was ready for occupancy!
In the past, a small Elmo tent was frequently used for play but it became apparent that it could only comfortably accommodate a single kid.  The "train" was definitely intended for two or more children.  Emma and Cam were quite pleased that they could stretch out and both have room to sit.
However, it turns out that when Cameron and his buddy were done with the locomotive fort, another passenger couldn't wait to try it out! Stella, the cat, now considers herself a part-time conductor of sorts, spending quiet time in the tent, but only when the kids are not in it.

On Sunday, a strange spring-like storm arrived in West Michigan with sheets of rain and very strong winds.  
Luckily, the weather let up by late afternoon so Cam, Chris, and Jane could travel a few minutes across town to celebrate Molly's birthday with Katherine, Ann and Gordy.
 After a delicious dinner, a chocolate cake was presented with candles.  Molly asked her buddy, Cam, to help blow them out!  He happily accepted the challenge and gladly tried the delectable dessert.
An unexpected surprise arrived in the mail this week- we were expecting the invitation to the annual Mary Free Bed holiday party, but were quite surprised by the photo that ended up being used for the invites...look closely...and you just might see one of the most photogenic boys we know!

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