Sunday, December 26, 2010

Cam's Christmas Celebrations - Week of Dec. 20th

The Weatherford Christmas celebration week began on Wednesday when Jane & Cameron ventured to Holland to celebrate the holiday with 'Auntie' Jo and Will. It was such a special evening spent together, while Cam & Will played cars and trucks.

Christmas Eve, was spent with our neighbors and good friends, the Raisch family. We all attended a late afternoon church service. Cameron loved all of the music. Afterwards, everyone dined on delicious homemade soup. Cam played with the Raisch girls and watched them open their traditional Christmas Eve gift of pajamas.

Christmas Day marked Cam's fourth Christmas! And what an exciting day he had! Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt Tracy all arrived to share in the festivities. Cameron kept pace with all of the present opening and had quite a few favorites! Grandma and Grandpa had a Sesame Street book printed with Cam's name all throughout the pages. An Elmo camera from Aunt Tracy was also one of the highlights. After all of the gifts and a little rest, the family sat down for a delicious dinner followed by Grandma's delicious homemade cookies. Cam was one happy, exhausted boy by the end of the day!!

The celebrations continued on Sunday when Chris, Jane and Cameron ventured over to spend time with their cousins and Aunt Mary and Uncle Ray. Cam really liked playing cars with cousin Harry and Aunt Mary joined in the fun as well.

More Christmas memories were added to the family collection, along with some special Weatherford football shirts that Chris had made to commemorate this holiday season.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Pics & Cookies - Week of Dec. 13th

In anticipation of upcoming family gatherings, Grandma and Cameron were busy decorating cookies this week. Cam enjoyed spreading the frosting, adding the sprinkles and other candy to create some delicious treats.

This was the last week of school before Christmas break, and Cam had a fun time opening presents from his bus drivers- what a nice surprise! A beautiful homemade ornament with Cameron's school picture traveled home with him on Friday and was quickly added to the tree.

The family Christmas card was finally created and finished online. A couple of pictures shown here didn't make it onto the card, but depict one of our holiday favorites this year- our Santa Train excursion with Jo & Will.

A preview of our holiday card is shown above. It's hard to believe Christmas is only a week away!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Winterfest! - Week of Dec. 6th

Cameron's school provides a great place for learning and development. And once a year, it is turned into a winter festival! On Tuesday evening, Chris, Jane and cousin Coco, accompanied Cam to his first official Winterfest at school.

Every room was set up with a different activity. A game room sported a bean bag toss, a treat room displayed graham crackers with popsicle sticks to spread frosting and top with sprinkles. In Cameron's classroom, his regular teacher, Sara, demonstrated how to create ornaments and picture frames. Cam made his first offering for the family Christmas tree, a snowman which he proudly displayed. A personalized picture frame was also decorated to be filled with a picture of Santa and the big boy. It's easy to see that Cam truly enjoys spending time with his teacher, Sara.
After a photo op with Santa, the family headed home and someone didn't have any trouble getting to sleep.

The snowy weekend presented an opportunity to dig out the red sled. After being sufficiently bundled up for the frigid outing, Chris and Cam headed out into the wintry weather for some sledding fun! Cam loved racing up and down the hill, giggling and laughing the entire way. Even though it couldn't have been much colder, when Chris asked his son if he was ready to go inside and get warm, he distinctly answered, "no!" Looks like Cameron is a true Michigander!

Swimming Lessons - Week of Nov. 29th

Michigan experienced some snowfall this week and the white stuff kept falling on Wednesday, the day of Grandma's birthday. As a special treat, Grandma accompanied Cameron and Jane to a swimming group with some of Cam's classmates.
The pool was toasty warm and all the kids enjoyed playing together in the water and making some new friends.

Activities continued by exercising the mind with outings to the library to refresh reading options and log some computer time. Cam definitely enjoyed moving that mouse around.
The tire swing at therapy provided balance practice and a few giggles.

On a weekly basis, Sarah hangs out with Cameron at least one evening and continues different forms of exercise.

Besides stretching and strengthening, they also play with Mr. Potato Head, listen and dance to music, and sometimes partake in a fun photo shoot!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving & Santa Train! - Week of Nov. 22nd

Turkey time took the family north to Lake Michigan to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends. Aunt Joyce & Uncle Joe hosted everyone and the crowd had so much food to feast upon including two deep-fried turkeys as well as an oven-roasted one.
Everyone was certainly giving thanks for Grandma's good health, so the family decided she should receive an early present.
The extra special occasion included surprising Grandma with a new piano keyboard for her birthday and Christmas!

Cameron enjoyed looking at all of the ornaments on Grandma and Grandpa's tree and even had a little photo shoot.

After all of that excitement, the fun didn't end. Chris, Jane, and Cam met 'Auntie' Jo and her son, Will at the Santa Train in Coopersville on Saturday. The train travels from Coopersville to Marne and one of its passengers is Santa Claus, along with his elves.
The boys both received a toy car from Santa as well as a candy cane, which Cam thought was quite delicious.
It was apparent that both boys would recommend the Santa Train to others, especially if the trip, like theirs, includes a lunch stop at McDonald's immediately following the train ride!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cookie Cooking Lesson - Week of Nov. 15th

Cameron tackled his ear infection this week just like other tasks- he completely conquered it!

After a few days of medicine, he was more than happy to be able to horse around with one of his favorite playmates, his Dad.

Tuesday evening, Cam felt better enough to attend his first school conference where he received rave reviews from his teachers. Unfortunately, he was only able to attend one day of school this week due to school vacation days.

However, the week did continue to get better as Cam enjoyed daily games with his nanny, Kristin. She also had a great time teaching him how to make very delicious chocolate chip cookies.

Stirring the batter was Cameron's favorite part and he did a great job not spilling any!

Not only did he have a tasty treat of the batter, but after the homemade cookies came out of the oven,
he had a taste of the finished product...yummy!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

School Pics - Week of Nov. 8th

The pictures shown in Cameron's blog have always been taken by family and friends. For the first time ever, a professional school picture is revealed...some of you faithful followers may be seeing this photo in your holiday greeting card!

Cam had a cooking lesson with nanny, Kristin this week. They made some delicious brownies and Kristin reported that the big boy stirred the batter all by himself! Unfortunately, Jane wasn't present to capture the moment via the camera, but hopefully there will be a re-enactment soon, because who doesn't love brownies?

By Friday, it seemed that our normally very happy boy wasn't feeling too perky. The weekend included restless sleep, a very runny nose, and some Elmo video time. A doctor's visit on Monday revealed that Cam acquired an ear infection. We know that with rest and medicine, our sweet boy will be back to his playful self in no time!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Out and About - Week of Nov. 1st

The fall season brings the cool, crisp weather as well as a list of home projects...of course, at the top of the list is raking leaves. To aid in this task, it is imperative that one has all of the essential tools necessary. A trip to Home Depot quickly becomes a requirement. Luckily for Cam, the home improvement store has very cool kid carts for him to ride in.

On Friday eve and Saturday, Chris & Jane stayed with friends in Ann Arbor while Grandma & Grandpa had some quality time with Cam.
As always, Cam had so much fun and a big thanks from all of us!

On Sunday, with the sun shining brightly, the park seemed like a perfect idea for an outing. Cameron loves the swings and he especially liked seeing if his parents could keep up with him! With all of the slides to play on, it was difficult for Cam to decide which one was his favorite.

After all of the playtime, the leaves were gathered and Jane & Cam couldn't resist being surrounded by all of Chris' hard work and throwing all of the fall foliage into the air!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Coolest Halloween Ever! - Week of Oct. 25th

Pumpkin-carving took place right before Halloween this year and Chris did an awesome job with his expert tools and Cam's approval.
Cameron actually celebrated the treating 3 different times this week!

On Friday, our little "Fonz" rode on the school bus with his leather jacket, slicked back hair and a bag full of chocolate. Later that afternoon, Jane & Grandma took Cam over to Chris' office where employee's children can trick-or-treat at everyone's office desk inside! It was lots of fun to see other kids dressed up and pick up a few pieces of candy along the way.

Luckily for Cam, his godmother, Auntie Jo decided to bring Will over on Saturday so that the two buddies could celebrate Halloween together.
They played for a bit in the afternoon, doing a great job sharing toys with each other. When it came time to head out into the neighborhood for official treat pick-up, Cam's buddy, Will decided that he needed to ride in a stroller too- just because Cam was in one! The boys made the rounds and everyone commented how cute they looked. Many thanks to Auntie Jo, Will, Coco and Ronda for joining in the festivities...

Cam is shown here teaching Will the fine art of checking to be certain your parents haven't removed the candy that you just worked so hard at putting in your candy pail. Hope everyone had a very happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dinner with Dad & Pumpkin Picking - Week of Oct 18th

Cameron's school had a special dinner just with Dad on Thursday evening. Cam & Chris had a great time sitting with Cam's classmates, their Dad's, and some school helpers. After dinner, some playground swinging rounded out the evening.

The Yankees didn't do enough swinging this week to make it into the World Series. But cousin Coco and Cam had fun watching the game anyways....

One of this week's highlights was a trip to Robinette's to pick out some pumpkins for Halloween! With so many to choose from, Cameron settled on a bumpy pumpkin that made him giggle when he touched it. Chris and Jane found an orange one each to carve later as well.

Before leaving Robinette's, the family had to partake in some silliness... and Cam discovered that he loves being showered with fall leaves!
Next week's's a Halloween costume clue...
"Who is cooler than the Fonz, but laughs so much more,
Gives the biggest hugs of all, and is not even four!"