Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cookie Cooking Lesson - Week of Nov. 15th

Cameron tackled his ear infection this week just like other tasks- he completely conquered it!

After a few days of medicine, he was more than happy to be able to horse around with one of his favorite playmates, his Dad.

Tuesday evening, Cam felt better enough to attend his first school conference where he received rave reviews from his teachers. Unfortunately, he was only able to attend one day of school this week due to school vacation days.

However, the week did continue to get better as Cam enjoyed daily games with his nanny, Kristin. She also had a great time teaching him how to make very delicious chocolate chip cookies.

Stirring the batter was Cameron's favorite part and he did a great job not spilling any!

Not only did he have a tasty treat of the batter, but after the homemade cookies came out of the oven,
he had a taste of the finished product...yummy!!

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Chris Weatherford said...

Maybe it was the horsing around with Dad that cured him as apposed to the meds.