Sunday, November 14, 2010

School Pics - Week of Nov. 8th

The pictures shown in Cameron's blog have always been taken by family and friends. For the first time ever, a professional school picture is revealed...some of you faithful followers may be seeing this photo in your holiday greeting card!

Cam had a cooking lesson with nanny, Kristin this week. They made some delicious brownies and Kristin reported that the big boy stirred the batter all by himself! Unfortunately, Jane wasn't present to capture the moment via the camera, but hopefully there will be a re-enactment soon, because who doesn't love brownies?

By Friday, it seemed that our normally very happy boy wasn't feeling too perky. The weekend included restless sleep, a very runny nose, and some Elmo video time. A doctor's visit on Monday revealed that Cam acquired an ear infection. We know that with rest and medicine, our sweet boy will be back to his playful self in no time!


Anonymous said...

This was worth the wait!! What a great photo :) ~Marcy

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane

Just thinking of you and thought I would post. We miss everyone there so much and are so looking forward to Christmas vacation with all of you. Much love from Lisa, Dirk, Harper, and Maya.