Sunday, March 25, 2012

1 Birthday, 2 Buddies, and Countless Butterflies - Week of Mar. 19th

Cameron loves birthdays! This week, we celebrated Katherine's birthday. Cam's nanny always thinks of fun activities and we are so thankful for all that she does!

From one birthday to two buddies... Liam and Cam met up at Frederick Meijer Gardens.

First stop was to check in with the butterflies. There were too many to count- different varieties, sizes, colors. Some flew right in front of Cam and others fluttered around his head. Such a beautiful sight.

Due to the unusually warm weather, the outdoor children's water fountains opened up early this year. Cam and Liam maneuvered their sailboats through the water. It was difficult to determine what was more fun for them- pushing the boats over the "waterfall" or splashing themselves and each other.

Next stop at Frederick Meijer was the treehouse tea party area. Other kids sat with the boys for a "tea party" and one little boy cried when he had to leave the "party" with Cam and Liam.

With the continued warm weather, Chris decided it was much too nice to play trains with Cam inside, so the problem was easily solved by bringing the track outside! What a lucky boy with an most ingenious Dad!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Forward! - Week of Mar. 12th

Everyone is a bit confused by the wonderful Michigan weather, but Cameron and his friends are taking full advantage of an early spring!
One recipe for a fun afternoon:
Step 1: Use as much sidewalk chalk as possible to cover the driveway with lovely pictures.
Step 2: Find two people to swing the jump rope. It turns out Cam is a great jump rope turner.
Step 3: Locate a friend to test out jumping in the jump rope.
Step 4: Invite other friends to join in the fun!
Step 5: Enjoy the giggles and laughter that follow!
This week, Cam welcomed some college folks into his home for a video opportunity with a Grand Valley professor and her graduate students. For those of you who may have missed previous blogging news, Cameron is employed by Grand Valley State University for a physical therapy student graduate class. He loves "teaching" the students and in turn, he learns a great deal deal from them. Many thanks to Miss Lisa, Ryan and Edi for a very enjoyable home session!
On Sunday, Cam and his parents decided not to waste any early spring weather and ventured northward to visit Grandma and Grandpa. CamMobile had an early 2012 outing on the empty beach.
No one can recall ever having such fantastic warm Michigan sunshine in March.

Cameron just wants spring to keep moving forward so he can get back to swimming in the big lake!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

We Play, We Pick Up - Week of Mar. 5th

Cameron has not had a shortage of playtime lately with buddy Will. And Friday was Cam's lucky day because the boys spent the entire morning together. Ironically, they were both up early on Friday (in their separate homes) convincing their mothers that they may not be as forthright the next time with planned play date information.

The morning agenda including baking some cookies. Grandma and Katherine acted as co-bakers, attempting to convince the boys that the cookies would taste much better after they came out of the oven!

Next item up was train engineering. After the track was built, Cam and Will picked their favorite locomotives to test it out. And after playtime comes pickup. Some kids don't appreciate picking up their toys, but Cam and Will had it down to a system. Will grabbed the track, ran it over to Cam and then Cameron dropped it into the storage box. And rounding out the morning, the boys requested to watch a show. Apparently, it was a nail biter!

One type of play for Cam that doesn't require pickup is hanging out in the hot tub! Of course, that's just as much fun for Cameron's parents as it is for him...

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Up, Up, & Away - Week of Feb. 27th

Cameron is most fortunate to have some very special people in his life...two of them are 'Auntie' Jo and buddy Will. Cam's godmother and her son invited the Weatherford family to try out a new adventure with them.
They all met up at the Air Zoo in Kalamazoo. Founded in 1977, the Air Zoo has a rich history of honoring and celebrating air and space flight.

Cam and Will's tickets were free and even included a few rides too!
The planes were so big and the boys, as well as their parents, thoroughly enjoyed the different types of flight equipment.

There were four rides available for younger kids. Will convinced Cam to try the "bucket ride" although Cameron thought it went up a bit too high.

There was a kid-sized helicopter and plane the boys were able to sit in. Only the controls moved in these "rides."

Beyond the airplanes was the 'final frontier'- space exploration! Solar system models, interactive demonstrations and even the inside of space shuttle provided other areas to venture into.

The day was a big success as it proves challenging at times to find an activity that both kids and adults of all ages enjoy.

This crew definitely agreed the Air Zoo is 'out of this world!'