Sunday, March 11, 2012

We Play, We Pick Up - Week of Mar. 5th

Cameron has not had a shortage of playtime lately with buddy Will. And Friday was Cam's lucky day because the boys spent the entire morning together. Ironically, they were both up early on Friday (in their separate homes) convincing their mothers that they may not be as forthright the next time with planned play date information.

The morning agenda including baking some cookies. Grandma and Katherine acted as co-bakers, attempting to convince the boys that the cookies would taste much better after they came out of the oven!

Next item up was train engineering. After the track was built, Cam and Will picked their favorite locomotives to test it out. And after playtime comes pickup. Some kids don't appreciate picking up their toys, but Cam and Will had it down to a system. Will grabbed the track, ran it over to Cam and then Cameron dropped it into the storage box. And rounding out the morning, the boys requested to watch a show. Apparently, it was a nail biter!

One type of play for Cam that doesn't require pickup is hanging out in the hot tub! Of course, that's just as much fun for Cameron's parents as it is for him...

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