Sunday, March 25, 2012

1 Birthday, 2 Buddies, and Countless Butterflies - Week of Mar. 19th

Cameron loves birthdays! This week, we celebrated Katherine's birthday. Cam's nanny always thinks of fun activities and we are so thankful for all that she does!

From one birthday to two buddies... Liam and Cam met up at Frederick Meijer Gardens.

First stop was to check in with the butterflies. There were too many to count- different varieties, sizes, colors. Some flew right in front of Cam and others fluttered around his head. Such a beautiful sight.

Due to the unusually warm weather, the outdoor children's water fountains opened up early this year. Cam and Liam maneuvered their sailboats through the water. It was difficult to determine what was more fun for them- pushing the boats over the "waterfall" or splashing themselves and each other.

Next stop at Frederick Meijer was the treehouse tea party area. Other kids sat with the boys for a "tea party" and one little boy cried when he had to leave the "party" with Cam and Liam.

With the continued warm weather, Chris decided it was much too nice to play trains with Cam inside, so the problem was easily solved by bringing the track outside! What a lucky boy with an most ingenious Dad!!

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