Sunday, May 31, 2009

Congratulations Sarah! - Week of May 25th

Cameron's been enjoying this beautiful weather and loves to be outside.

Jane's flowers are in full bloom and the peonies are the family favorite. Cam wasn't too sure when Jane tried to convince him to smell the flowers though.

One of Cameron's favorite activities is still bath time.
It's difficult to know what he enjoys more- splashing around in the tub or being whisked away afterwards for the "drying machine" also known as Chris.

In either case, he's always laughing and giggling!

One of Cameron's babysitters, Sarah, also made him smile quite a bit. Sarah & Josh were married this past Saturday and we wish them all the best as they begin their new life together in North Carolina.
Many thanks to Sarah for taking such great care of Cam!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Who Needs Sleep? - Week of May 18th

It always seem that vacations should last longer than they do.

Cameron realized this when he returned to Michigan from Florida and discovered that sleep is a little overrated... at least when you're not working and can take naps during the day!

Chris and Jane finally got back into the swing of things and on Saturday, the entire family ventured up to the Lake Michigan cottage for a couple of days. It was a beautiful weekend spent with family and friends. Our sparkling lake still takes your breath away and there are no sunsets like the ones on the "big lake."

Cam loves to play 'superman' with Chris and always has lots of laugh while performing with his Dad.

Cam and Grandma had some quality time at the cottage when Cameron decided he wanted to hang out with Grandma as opposed to sleeping in his crib. As the saying goes... 'you're lucky so you're soooo cute, Cam!'
Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Florida Again - Week of May 11th

Greetings to those of you patiently awaiting this late blog entry! The family has had a tough time adjusting since arriving home from Florida vacation..

Cameron, his parents, and his nanny, Anne, all departed Thursday morning before the sun was up. Cam was a wonderful traveler, once again, on both flights and his fellow passengers were very appreciative.

Thursday afternoon included a dip in the family's rental home complete with private pool on a screened-in area which was perfect to keep the bugs out. Cam enjoyed the sunshine and seeing lots of different birds. The highlight of Cameron's trip was definitely playing in the pool... he loved kicking his legs and splashing with his arms.

Saturday's excursion was a little drive over to Sanibel Island to dip our toes in the Gulf of Mexico and search for seashells on the seashore. The water was so warm and the weather was perfect!

The family enjoyed lots of laughs and clowning around while on vacation. Can you spot Cameron, Chris and Annie in the sunset picture?
Many thanks to Annie for joining us and congratulations to Leslie & J.B. on their beautiful beach ceremony.
Without their nuptials, Cam wouldn't have had such an awesome vacation!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mom's Day - Week of May 4th

Happy Mother's Day to all of the wonderful Mom's out there!!

Cameron had a walk almost every day due to all of the sunshine- what a lucky boy!

All of that strolling through the neighborhood sure makes a growing boy hungry... so, a little pudding snack was definitely in order! Cam was a little more interested in getting the pudding out of the bowl rather than putting it in his mouth. Maybe he just wanted ice cream instead:)

Sunday was a special day for Jane and Grandma. Cameron traveled with his parents to the family cottage to celebrate Mother's Day. Although it was a bit chilly, they had a very nice visit and had a great time playing with Grandma.

Cam laughed and played most of the day... as you can see, that can certainly wear a kid out!
Sweet dreams everyone...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bike Ride - Week of Apr. 27th

It feels as if the warmer weather is here to stay! With our flowers blooming and bright sunshine shown through the windows, it turned out to be a beautiful weekend.

Cameron was presented with a new experience this weekend- bike riding with Chris! Many thanks to the Meade family for providing the ultra cool kid bike trailer for Cam. His first ride with Chris was a short one, but he seemed to get used to the idea. Longer rides are definitely on the future agenda.

Cam's always been a great eater and he definitely wants to use the utensils by himself more and more. One of his favorites is Jane's famous mac-n-cheese and chicken tetrazinni with broccoli and mushrooms. Yes, it seems that Cameron will be a pasta fan, just like his parents.

A special thanks to Aunt Joyce & Uncle Joe for spending a day with Cam this week- he definitely had a great time.
Cameron's hoping all of you have a great time too this week- he always does...