Sunday, May 24, 2009

Who Needs Sleep? - Week of May 18th

It always seem that vacations should last longer than they do.

Cameron realized this when he returned to Michigan from Florida and discovered that sleep is a little overrated... at least when you're not working and can take naps during the day!

Chris and Jane finally got back into the swing of things and on Saturday, the entire family ventured up to the Lake Michigan cottage for a couple of days. It was a beautiful weekend spent with family and friends. Our sparkling lake still takes your breath away and there are no sunsets like the ones on the "big lake."

Cam loves to play 'superman' with Chris and always has lots of laugh while performing with his Dad.

Cam and Grandma had some quality time at the cottage when Cameron decided he wanted to hang out with Grandma as opposed to sleeping in his crib. As the saying goes... 'you're lucky so you're soooo cute, Cam!'
Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend!

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