Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Celebration - Week of Apr. 18th

When friends sent our family some delicious Chicago pizza this week as a thank you, it came delivered in dry ice. And Chris couldn't resist showing Cam how cool it would look evaporating in one of his play tables! Of course, he got close, but did not touch.

Another new experience for Cam was making finger jello with his nanny, Lisa. He couldn't believe he could touch the jello without it moving! They made heart shapes and circles and even the neighbor girls enjoyed a taste.

On Friday, it was time for Cam and Grandma to partake in their egg coloring tradition. Stirring the eggs around in the different colors was Cameron's task. The outcome produced some vibrant eggs which Cam proudly displayed in his Sunday best.

Easter is such a special celebration and this year Cam decided he would pick out some Easter flowers for his grandparents and Aunt Tracy. When asked if he also wanted to pick out flowers for his friend, Emma, he enthusiastically answered "yeah!" Cam chose a purple cala lily for his buddy.

Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt Tracy all drove into town to have Easter brunch with Cameron and his parents. After brunch, Cam opened a gift from Grandma & Grandpa- a music set, complete with a drum, tambourine, and harmonica.
Their proud grandson was already shaking the tambourine, ready to begin his musical career!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spectacular Spring Break - Week of Apr. 11th

Cameron's nanny, Lisa, kept him very busy with lots of activities during his spring break! She even charted out their day designating timeframes for play and creativity, just like school.

Painting was high on the agenda. Not only did Cam paint pictures, but he also painted a wooden alligator, a picture frame and a piece of pottery. The art projects lasted several days.
The piece of pottery held another purpose- Lisa and Cam planted some bean plants. The plant needs watering every day, which was another activity added to the list.

It's easy to see that Cam was quite proud of his completed projects and really likes to play with his new alligator.

The week ended with a whirlwind trip on Sunday. First, a stop at buddy Will's church to watch him in his first program carrying a palm frond for Palm Sunday. Then, off to the cottage to visit cousins in Michigan for spring break. Cam ate some delicious chocolate cake with cousin Harper, celebrating his birthday a day early. He also spent some quality time with one of his favorite people, cousin Annie! Although it was a bit chilly, the sun shone on beautiful Lake Michigan- we are all looking so forward to summer!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Eyes for Big Trucks - Week of Apr. 4th

Every six months, Cameron takes a little field trip to see the eye doctor. This time, Cam had to have his eyes dilated, which requires special drops. During the visit, Chris & Jane didn't see one tear from their big boy. It's hard to believe how grown-up Cam looks in the doctor's chair...

From having his eyes examined to examining a big fire truck was on the agenda for the weekend. Our local fire department hosted a "Relay for Life" breakfast at Applebee's restaurant Saturday morning. Chris, Jane & Cam dined out on delicious scrambled eggs, pancakes and bacon. Afterward, Cameron had fun exploring the different parts of the fire truck.

To round out the weekend, the family was so happy to finally see their cousin, Coco, again. And she brought along a special visitor- a new puppy named Olive!

Coco told Cam that he was the first "kid" that the pup had ever seen and she was the very first puppy Cameron had ever seen. Olive certainly did smother Cam with lots of kisses and seemed careful not to "nibble" him. The entire family played outside in the beautiful sunshine. It appeared that Cam's new buddy was pretty tuckered out after all of the activity. Cameron, however, was much too excited to rest that day. He can't wait for the little puppy to make a return visit...

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Helping Out & Horsing Around - Week of Mar. 28th

Cameron takes an active interest in helping his parents whenever he can. As Jane was putting away laundry, Chris decided that Cam was part of the clean clothes as well!

For those of you most familiar with our family, you know that Cam's Dad is quite the jokester.... To prove that point, please note that the pic of an unidentified boy in the front seat of a truck should not be sent to any law enforcement agencies.

It seems that our neighbor, Emma, has become a familiar fixture in our home and blog. Cameron's face lights up when she visits and often he will ask for her by name. With our weekend custom of bringing the families together, Cam and Emma usually have lots of playtime.
After reading the "Monkey Adventure" books about jumping on the bed, Jane decided that the kids may want to try bouncing on the bed. Now, a new game has been invented called "Bounce" which is a big favorite for Cam & Emma. Luckily, this "jumping on the bed" activity did not force any mama to call the doctor!