Sunday, April 3, 2011

Helping Out & Horsing Around - Week of Mar. 28th

Cameron takes an active interest in helping his parents whenever he can. As Jane was putting away laundry, Chris decided that Cam was part of the clean clothes as well!

For those of you most familiar with our family, you know that Cam's Dad is quite the jokester.... To prove that point, please note that the pic of an unidentified boy in the front seat of a truck should not be sent to any law enforcement agencies.

It seems that our neighbor, Emma, has become a familiar fixture in our home and blog. Cameron's face lights up when she visits and often he will ask for her by name. With our weekend custom of bringing the families together, Cam and Emma usually have lots of playtime.
After reading the "Monkey Adventure" books about jumping on the bed, Jane decided that the kids may want to try bouncing on the bed. Now, a new game has been invented called "Bounce" which is a big favorite for Cam & Emma. Luckily, this "jumping on the bed" activity did not force any mama to call the doctor!


Chris Weatherford said...

For the record, we only drove up and down the driveway. I didn't take him to the store like this....yea....I didn't...nope.


Patti said...

After observing the "bounce game" in person...I advise that you begin saving for a new mattress right now...or perhaps we should on your behalf since it's our "bouncy sugar girl" who is doing the damage -- love the giggles and smiles this game produces though!