Sunday, April 10, 2011

Eyes for Big Trucks - Week of Apr. 4th

Every six months, Cameron takes a little field trip to see the eye doctor. This time, Cam had to have his eyes dilated, which requires special drops. During the visit, Chris & Jane didn't see one tear from their big boy. It's hard to believe how grown-up Cam looks in the doctor's chair...

From having his eyes examined to examining a big fire truck was on the agenda for the weekend. Our local fire department hosted a "Relay for Life" breakfast at Applebee's restaurant Saturday morning. Chris, Jane & Cam dined out on delicious scrambled eggs, pancakes and bacon. Afterward, Cameron had fun exploring the different parts of the fire truck.

To round out the weekend, the family was so happy to finally see their cousin, Coco, again. And she brought along a special visitor- a new puppy named Olive!

Coco told Cam that he was the first "kid" that the pup had ever seen and she was the very first puppy Cameron had ever seen. Olive certainly did smother Cam with lots of kisses and seemed careful not to "nibble" him. The entire family played outside in the beautiful sunshine. It appeared that Cam's new buddy was pretty tuckered out after all of the activity. Cameron, however, was much too excited to rest that day. He can't wait for the little puppy to make a return visit...

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