Sunday, September 26, 2010

Allison & Kristin- Week of Sept. 20th

Two new people are spending time with Cameron on a regular basis. Kristin is Cam's nanny, spending every afternoon with him after he gets off the school bus. He's always happy to see her and it's easy to see she enjoys working with him. In addition to playing, and taking walks, one of Kristin's favorite activities with Cam is reading books and working on sitting with his legs crossed.

Helping Cam meet his goals is Allison, his physical therapist. Allison sees him every Monday evening. She works on many different things every week and Cameron strives to meet each challenge. Even though some tasks are difficult for Cam, he usually finds a bright spot.

Seems that as quickly as Cam himself continues to grow, his hair has to keep up the same schedule. Chris and Jane have lost track of the number of haircuts, but they do know that Mandy has provided every one of them. Cameron enjoys visiting his friend at Design 1 and as shown here, seems to be admiring the haircut of a very handsome boy!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Grandma - Week of Sept 13th

Our family received some very happy health news about Cameron's Grandma Mary Ellen this week!

Cam adores seeing his Grandma on a weekly basis. She has taught him so many musical things- playing the piano, ringing bells, and practicing conducting.

Cam loves hearing his Grandma sing songs and read books. She can always make him laugh and giggle!

Besides all of the playtime and walks, Cam & Grandma play plenty of learning games too. She is constantly encouraging him to say new words and understand new concepts.

We cannot thank Grandma enough for being such an integral part of our lives and bringing such joy to Cam's life and that's why this week's blog is dedicated to her!!

We love you Grandma!! xoxoxo

Sunday, September 12, 2010

1st Week of School - Week of Sept. 6th

Cameron had a couple of extra sleep-in days this week since his school didn't start until Thursday. He certainly was excited to head back to his favorite activity. Cam still rides the bus and happily waves goodbye to his parents- quite a change from the first two weeks in April!

Across the street, the Raisch girls headed back to school as well...Megan and Emma ran over before Cam's bus arrived to share in some picture-taking fun!

Emma just started kindergarten this year and Megan started 3rd grade. Cam's favorite playmate away from school is Emma- she oftens comes over to play with her buddy and Cameron thinks she is quite the comedienne because she sure does make him laugh!

Some of our faithful bloggers may have noticed that this week's entry was very tardy...Jane and Cam's godmother, Joanne, took a girl's trip to NYC and stayed with our cousins, the Haroldson's. Chris and Cameron had a boys' weekend all to themselves! Jane and Jo had an amazing time and came back to a very cool sidewalk chalk welcome home from the Raisch girls- for those of you that know the NYC skyline, you should be able to pick out the Empire State building and the Statue of Liberty. Many thanks to Chris for his solo parenting over the weekend!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Grandma's Visit & Buddy Birthday- Week of Aug. 30th

This week, Cam and his parents were fortunate enough to have Grandma as a houseguest for 3 days! Cameron couldn't imagine a better beginning to the end of August...
Grandma & Cam liked the new red beach wagon that Jane found on clearance. The big boy decided it was more fun if he was riding in it versus his toys.

Our annual neighborhood picnic was held this week and many neighbors from our street joined in for a great potluck and delicious homemade ice cream. Neighbor friends, the Raisch family, also invited us to a pool party where the girls had lots of fun splashing with Chris and Cam.

The weekend brought more fun including a very special birthday party with Cam's buddy and Jane's godson, Will. Lots of kids and adults enjoyed helping Will celebrate his 2nd birthday! Cameron especially liked the comfy chair in Will's room and playing with all the kids. Cam plans to have lots of playdates this year.

Labor Day weekend was spent up at the cottage with Grandma and Grandpa. The sunshine warmed the beach enough to head out for some time playing in the sand.
Lake Michigan has certainly cooled down, so the family was thankful they did quite a bit of swimming the past few months. Every year, the holiday weekend signifies the end of summer, but Cameron thinks everyone should still wear shades!