Sunday, September 26, 2010

Allison & Kristin- Week of Sept. 20th

Two new people are spending time with Cameron on a regular basis. Kristin is Cam's nanny, spending every afternoon with him after he gets off the school bus. He's always happy to see her and it's easy to see she enjoys working with him. In addition to playing, and taking walks, one of Kristin's favorite activities with Cam is reading books and working on sitting with his legs crossed.

Helping Cam meet his goals is Allison, his physical therapist. Allison sees him every Monday evening. She works on many different things every week and Cameron strives to meet each challenge. Even though some tasks are difficult for Cam, he usually finds a bright spot.

Seems that as quickly as Cam himself continues to grow, his hair has to keep up the same schedule. Chris and Jane have lost track of the number of haircuts, but they do know that Mandy has provided every one of them. Cameron enjoys visiting his friend at Design 1 and as shown here, seems to be admiring the haircut of a very handsome boy!

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