Sunday, September 28, 2014

Summer Weather in Michigan Fall - Week of Sept. 22nd

There's a common saying in Michigan that you need to walk out of your house with the following items at the ready: sunglasses, an umbrella, winter boots and galoshes because you never know what the weather will be like.  This week, the sun was shining brightly with few clouds in the sky making us think it was summer all over again!

On Friday evening, we hosted cousins JJ, Jeff, Libby and Coco for dinner.  Delicious food and lots of laughs made for an awesome evening.

On Saturday, Cam was a bit under the weather, so he missed his baseball game, but Oma and Opa still came to visit and had lunch at Cam's house so everyone could hang out.
'Auntie' Karen joined us, driving all the way from Chicago to stay for the weekend.  Cam had a tough time sleeping, but rallied during the day, eager to get and do things in the nice weather.  Karen, Jane and Cam headed downtown to explore ArtPrize (Click here to check it out!) on a beautiful sunny Sunday morning.  There's always so much to see because the art contest covers three square miles of downtown Grand Rapids.  Art from around the world pops up in every inch of downtown, and it’s all free and open to the public.  The sailboats pictured were hand-carved out of marble.

At the Gerald R. Ford Museum, Cam really liked the train picture which seemed to be coming off the wall.

By far, our favorite find of the day was in the Amway Grand Plaza where there were a series of mirrored kaleidoscopes that offered a glimpse into how one would look inside of the intricate mirrored display.  Karen took our picture from one end while we looked at her through the other opening.

We barely scratched the surface of things to see but were thankful for the time we had.  Many thanks to 'Auntie' Karen for making the trek and staying with us.  At lunchtime on Sunday, we made our way to the Downtown Market where we dined and browsed and couldn't stop smiling because of this awesome boy!

If art is to nourish the roots of our culture, society must set the artist free to follow his vision wherever it takes him.  ~John F. Kennedy

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Meet My New Buddy - Week of Sept. 15th

Every new friend is a new adventure...the start of more memories... ~ Patrick Lindsay

With all of the recent activity, we hadn't taken an opportunity to introduce you to Cam's newest buddy, Kelsey.  

When a new school year begins, Jane begins the process of seeking out after-school care for Cam.  A seemingly easy task except that it requires someone to work only 10-15 hours per week.
The search this year was resolved by Cam's former teacher, Ms. Kathy, who recommended Kelsey to us....and we can't thank her enough.

Our ideal caregiver is someone who's energetic, challenges Cam, is comfortable with PT, and loves to laugh.  Kelsey is a GVSU graduate, hoping to attend
PT graduate school next spring, teaches swimming at the local YMCA and is beautiful inside and out!  In the short time she's hung out with Cam, they've ventured to Baker Book House, the library, and Robinettes Apple Haus.  We are blessed to have her in our lives and look forward to many Cam & Kelsey adventures!!

Cam rocked out another baseball game on Saturday at WMML.  This week, volunteers from Home Depot took the field with the kids.  We talked with Cam's helper, Sue, after the game and were surprised to learn that the volunteers were from 9 different Home Depot locations ranging from Ludington to south of Grand Rapids.
Cam was not as interested in pics as he normally is since he was holding a rice krispie treat waiting to be eaten and was also told Home Depot was giving away ice cream which translated to "enough pics Mom & Dad!"

On a side note, Stella the cat continues to make Cam laugh and he tells her on an almost daily basis that she is very silly!  Cam decided we should post this picture to prove his statement!!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Baseball Strikes Again - Week of Sept. 8th

"Generosity is giving more than you can, and pride is taking less than you need"... Khalil Gibran

Each time we enter the West Michigan Miracle League field, we're overcome by the generosity of others.  Countless people volunteering their time and energy to show kids of all abilities that every kid deserves a chance to play baseball.

This Saturday, the Hope College Girls Basketball team showed up in full force ready to be helpers for each of the kids.

Cam seemed pleasantly surprised that the helpers were girls this week and quickly said goodbye to his parents.  His buddy for the game, Mandy, helped him out when he was up to bat and also had Cam throw her the ball when they had a few hits head their way.   It's refreshing to watch a sporting event where truly the motto is "it's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game!"

One of Jane's closest friends, 'Auntie' Karen gave her the "baseball mom" shirt which was proudly worn the day of the game.  Cam is cheering in the picture and couldn't have been happier to play ball once again.  His parents felt incredibly proud cheering him on from the stands.

Some crazy fort-building also took place as Chris, Cam and Emma outdid themselves putting this creation together!

They definitely garnered the award for "most creative use of rope, sheets, and binder clips" and of course, "Best...Fort...Ever!"

If you have a chance, do yourself a favor and build a fort soon!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

1st Day of First Grade - Week of Sept. 1st

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those that matter don't mind.  ~Dr. Suess

Hard to believe Cam is starting his first grade year at Meadow Brook!
It was a week filled with meeting a new teacher, reconnecting with old friends and making new ones.

Of course, our first grader couldn't wait to get back on the bus and bring his new personalized backpack and lunch bag.

After a short, but tiring week, Cameron was invited to meet buddy Will and other friends at the Hudsonville Lanes to celebrate Will's 6th birthday!  Yet another new experience for Cam embarking on his first bowling adventure. 
Will's mom, 'Auntie' Jo gave all of the kids bowling socks to take home. 

Bowling alleys have come a long way since Chris & Jane were young...the scoreboard provides the bowlers with a choice of backgrounds complete with animation and cheering.  The "bumpers" are raised automatically on a lane with kids playing and there's even a handy ramp to push the bowling ball from for kids who need a little assistance.

Cam was very intent and determined each time it was his turn.  The evening warranted a big "high five" after eating pizza, bowling, and enjoying ice cream!  Many thanks to Auntie Jo and Will for such a great idea and the exciting time!

Saturday marked the first day of the fall opener for the WMML- West Michigan Miracle League.  Cam was back on the field, this season on the Pirates team.  He was one happy kid with a big cheering section starring Oma, cousins Coco and Libby, and our buddies/neighbors Steve, Patti, Megan and Emma. 
We're thankful for the opportunities our community provides and the awesome support we always have from our family and friends!