Sunday, March 29, 2009

Broken Glasses - Week of Mar. 23rd

Cameron learned to do something that we hope he won't repeat again...he successfully broke his glasses!
He's become very adept at sneaking his glasses off of his face and while his nanny was telling him 'no' and putting them back on, he pulled oh so hard. Little did Cameron realize that since the lenses weren't broken, Jane just had to take them in and the eye doctor put them in a new frame.

Grandma was here twice this week and she and Cam had lots of quality time together.

Cameron can't decide which activity is his favorite with Grandma- reading books and turning the pages or catching the pop up balls from his train. Both definitely put a big smile on his face and as you can see, he loves waiting for the next pop up ball to surface!

The weekend brought some much needed relaxation including a date night for Chris and Jane on Friday (if you haven't seen the movie "Slumdog Millionaire"- it's recommended) and a dinner party at Cam's 'crib' with 'Uncle' Keith and 'Aunt' Bobbi on Saturday.

Sunday was spent indoors due to the chilly Michigan weather, but Cam can always have some fun inside too.
As pictured here, Cameron loved his shoulder ride from Chris.
Here's hoping spring sticks instead of more snow!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

March Madness - Week of Mar. 16th

March Madness arrived this week and Cameron had plenty of basketball fun himself.

'Auntie' Amanda spent the night on Friday and taught Cam all about the different playoff teams and her brackets. Doesn't Cameron look like he had quite the workout with his basketball??

Saturday was spent at Katie Cronk's birthday party and Cameron had a great time hanging out with all of the kids and getting a tickle attack from 'Uncle' Adam.

Sunday was an excursion for Cam as he accompanied Chris & Jane to the mall and grocery shopping. He was able to see the sights while sitting in his stroller and was such a patient boy considering his parents didn't get him home until almost an hour past his regular dinner time!

Cameron's new game is tug of war with his sippy cup. He seems convinced that if someone else holds the cup, they may take it away too soon. Cam has, therefore, decided to take matters into his own hands!
Happy Milk Mustache to you all...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Coco Visits Again - Week of Mar. 9th

The warming trend provided 2 outings for Cameron this week! And this week included a special visit from cousin, Coco, all the way from New Jersey!!

Cameron has had a great time with Coco and even gave her kisses on the way back from the airport.
Friday afternoon was spent at Ada Park with Grandma, Coco, Jane & Cam. Someone forgot their camera that day.... but it was a crisp afternoon and Cam enjoyed the stroll. On Sunday, 'Big Sis' Lauren stopped by for a visit (so good to see you!!) while Chris & Cam took a walk in the jogging stroller. What a beautiful day!

Cam continues to try different things and hanging out on the stairs is a fun little treat.

On Thursday, Coco, Chris, Jane & Cam all went to Rose's for dinner. Cameron was such a good boy, smiling at the waitress and eating lots of his macaroni & cheese and applesauce- definitely one of his new favorite combos.
The weather forecast this week calls for many more outdoor adventures for Cam!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Brushing Teeth - Week of Mar. 2nd

Brushing his teeth has become a fun activity for Cameron. Which is good news since Chris discovered another new tooth popping through for Cam! Although the cat, Stella, doesn't get to brush her teeth, she does like to be a part of all the fun.

This week was Cameron's 18 month checkup and the boy is quite healthy indeed. He's gained a little weight and had a nice visit with his doctor. Even though a nurse gave him a pretty big vaccine shot, he shed a couple of tears and then proceeded to give her that winning smile of his. Amazing that he continues to flirt even while in a bit of pain:-)

Cam and Annie worked on new activities this week and Julie commented on Friday that she was seeing great progress in Cameron. Way to go, Cam!

The rainy weekend kept the family inside for the most part and Chris and Cam had time to relax on the couch a bit. It does appear that Cameron is a bit more awake than Chris...
Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend too!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hanging with Will - Week of Feb. 23rd

Cameron always has a way of making a tough work day appear seemingly silly when Chris & Jane hear that hearty laugh of his! And there were some tedious days this week, but Cam made them seem inconsequential when his giggles turn into downright laughter. And the smiles are so contagious as shown here by Grandma's reaction.

Even though it's tough for Chris & Jane to leave Cam with a sitter, he obviously has fun. Andrea, his regular sitter, used a photo program to create this cool image with the black & white pic of Cam w/colored plastic balls- thanks Andrea!!

The weekend was filled with activities and visits. Cameron's buddy, Will, wanted him to come over on Saturday for a little visit to spend a little time with Will's Grandma Jeanne and Aunt Jamie.

They all had such a good time together and Cam obviously knew that Jeanne is a true Grandma since he didn't even cry when she picked him up to hold him. Cam missed seeing Will's parents but they were on a mini-vaca in Texas.
Cameron's anxious to take some walks, but it's still a little chilly out- here's hoping Spring is truly just around the corner!